Wednesday 17 September 2014

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr calls for a Welsh Socialist Republican Congress for National Renewal and Resurgence to Reinvigorate the Welsh Independence Movement

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr calls for a Welsh Socialist Republican Congress for National Renewal and Resurgence to Reinvigorate the Welsh Independence Movement

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr is inspired by the mass movement in Scotland for independence and in particular with the Radical Independence Movement and we admire the National Collective of artists and creatives for National Independence.. 

The full spectrum of nationalist and socialist opinion represented in the organised mass national movement - it is something we should seek to emulate.

This contrasts sharply with Wales where the movement for independence is splintered and weak and consequently suffers from sectarianism.

Sectarianism is deadly disease that can only be overcome but putting the interests of the nation and movement above sectarian political differences at this key point in the history of the Land of our Fathers and throwing off the baggage from the past "the deadweight of history" that has prevented our growth.

The Party of the Nation, Plaid Cymru has an uneasy relationship with the idea of Welsh Independence and has Cambrio Brits amongst its leadership who would vassilate and oppose/betray any serious struggle for independence of Wales from the British State.

The struggle against Cambrio Brit ideology is essential if an Independent Wales is to gain popular traction that is why in 2015 we will publish our People's History Of Wales.

This Cambrio Brit group in Plaid Cymru are also key forces that support the industrial windmilling of Wales and eco colonialism which drives nationalists from its ranks.

This same Plaid Cymru force is pro European Union and wants to swap the pound for the Euro and put us under the European taskmaster rather than the British one.

Not our idea or that of any rational person for an Independent Wales.

The support for Eco Colonialism of the Green Global Capitalists and the support for the European Union and bureucratic rule from Brusssels undermines the democratic struggle and aspirations of the Welsh Nation in the 21st century.

Catastrophically this Plaid Cymru policy has delivered 200,000 voters in Marchia Wallia to vote UKIP at the last European Elections. They must be won again for Wales.

The national movement has to adopt policies to widen its appeal and not narrow it has Plaid Cymru is doing at present and Welsh Socialist Republicans must be that force to correct Plaid Cymru's strategic errors and widen the appeal of the Welsh National Movement.

Therefore in its current incarnation we do not see Plaid Cymru has a vehicle fit to wage the serious political war to win Independence for Wales.

We need to create a new force in Welsh Politics that will propagandise for an Independent Wales and we believe that organisation should be a Welsh Socialist Republican Congress.

Individual members of Plaid Cymru and othe nationalist and socialist organisations can affiliate to the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress and begin the hard but necessary work of a target of winning a million Welsh people for independence by 2017.

To that end we are calling for a WSRC preparatory organisation to come into existence in 2014 to prepare for a Welsh Socialist Repblican Congress in June 2015.

The Congress will set the strategy and tactics for a Welsh Independence Movement for the years of campaigning upto 2017..

It will be convened twice a year to review success's and failures

We have a Wales to Win for National and Social Liberation - Seize the Time !

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