Tuesday 30 September 2014

Chartist Anniversary mix Jon Langford "Solomon Jones" -: Chartist Mural Destruction Remembered but not forgiven


Solidarity with Kurds :The YPG media centre has released a video of the clashes between YPG/YPJ fighters and the ISIS gangs trying to reach Kobane




Kurdish Urgent Appeal to International Public Opinion : Wales raise your voice in support of Kurdish People

The Executive Committee of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), in 45 Kurdish organizations have joined forces in an urgent appeal to the international public opinion.
During attacks of terrorist militias in Iraq ISIS and Southern Kurdistan have been observed and condemned the attacks ISIS Rojava are ignored two.
The Executive Committee of the KNK inaction "coalition" ( United States and other countries, air strikes against lead ISIS) position ISIS Kobane.
Vice Nilüfer Koç writes:  "If it happened in Kobanê tragedy then the Kurds and the public to Turkey, the USA, Europe and other coalition members blame encourage coalition blows in the other parts of Syria. Kobanê  ISIS attack.
This is unacceptable. Kurdish National Congress Kobanê resistance compared to the anti-fascist resistance in the second world war, complaining that the coalition against ISIS attacks are not around Kobané city, the fact that they attack other parts of Iraq and Syria, but the ISIS has Kobanê free hand, Kurds aroused public and doubt the sincerity of the intentions of the coalition. "

Saturday 27 September 2014

Scottish Referendum Fraud - The Evidence Mounts

Clearly the British State were singing the Historic Additional verse of God Save the King/Queen during the Scottish Referendum for Independence.
Lord, grant that Marshal Wade,
May by thy mighty aid,
Victory bring.
May he sedition hush,
and like a torrent rush,
Rebellious Scots to crush,
God save The King

See also : http://democracyandclasstruggle.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/the-battle-for-referendum-democracy-in.html


Thursday 25 September 2014

Cymru support the Kurdish People - Gethin Ap Gruffydd

Interview with Tim Richards WSRM / Cymru Goch

An interview with Tim Richards, formerly chair of the Welsh Socialist Republican Movement (1980-1983) and Cymru Goch.

Thursday 18 September 2014

Huge Rise in Support for Welsh Independence: It would appear that the new generation of Welsh voters support the idea of an independent Wales.

On Thursday 18th September people in Scotland will vote on whether Scotland should stay part of the United Kingdom, or whether they become an independent country.  The negative affects on local businesses are a key aspect of the anti-independence debate. The Sunday Telegraph led a poll of FTSE 100 chairmen where 80% believe that a Yes vote would negative economic repercussions on the UK.

With this in mind, we turn our attention to Wales to see if the Welsh population have been inspired by the Scottish referendum to reconsider the state of their independence.

The BBC conducted a poll in February showing that 5% of Welsh voters were in favour of independence. However, according to a more recent YouGov survey for ITV Wales, 17% of people support Welsh independence.

In order to find out the current opinion in Wales, we have just asked 1000 Welsh people whether they think Wales should be independent?


The results show that although 71.1% of people don’t think that independence is the right choice for Wales, a much higher 28.9% are pro Welsh independence.

57% of the respondents who provided us with answers were male, and 43% of responses came from females.

There was an even gender split between for and against responses. 28.7% of males and 29.1% of females are for Welsh independence, and 71.3% of males and 70.9% of females are against it.
We used Google Consumer Surveys to gather our responses. As you can see below, a wide variety of age groups in Wales provided us with their opinions.

Age         For            Against
18-24      36.8%       63.2%
25-34      32.1%       67.9%
35-44     33.2%        66.8%
45-54     27.2%        72.8%
55-64     20.7%        79.3%
65+        19.4%        80.6%

The highest number of people for Welsh independence was in people aged between 18 and 24, however the highest percentage of people against independence was aged 65 and over.

It would appear that the new generation of Welsh voters support the idea of an independent Wales.

SOURCE: http://ffb.co.uk/sme-advice/236-huge-rise-in-support-for-welsh-independence

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr calls for a Welsh Socialist Republican Congress for National Renewal and Resurgence to Reinvigorate the Welsh Independence Movement

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr calls for a Welsh Socialist Republican Congress for National Renewal and Resurgence to Reinvigorate the Welsh Independence Movement

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr is inspired by the mass movement in Scotland for independence and in particular with the Radical Independence Movement and we admire the National Collective of artists and creatives for National Independence.. 

The full spectrum of nationalist and socialist opinion represented in the organised mass national movement - it is something we should seek to emulate.

This contrasts sharply with Wales where the movement for independence is splintered and weak and consequently suffers from sectarianism.

Sectarianism is deadly disease that can only be overcome but putting the interests of the nation and movement above sectarian political differences at this key point in the history of the Land of our Fathers and throwing off the baggage from the past "the deadweight of history" that has prevented our growth.

The Party of the Nation, Plaid Cymru has an uneasy relationship with the idea of Welsh Independence and has Cambrio Brits amongst its leadership who would vassilate and oppose/betray any serious struggle for independence of Wales from the British State.

The struggle against Cambrio Brit ideology is essential if an Independent Wales is to gain popular traction that is why in 2015 we will publish our People's History Of Wales.

This Cambrio Brit group in Plaid Cymru are also key forces that support the industrial windmilling of Wales and eco colonialism which drives nationalists from its ranks.

This same Plaid Cymru force is pro European Union and wants to swap the pound for the Euro and put us under the European taskmaster rather than the British one.

Not our idea or that of any rational person for an Independent Wales.

The support for Eco Colonialism of the Green Global Capitalists and the support for the European Union and bureucratic rule from Brusssels undermines the democratic struggle and aspirations of the Welsh Nation in the 21st century.

Catastrophically this Plaid Cymru policy has delivered 200,000 voters in Marchia Wallia to vote UKIP at the last European Elections. They must be won again for Wales.

The national movement has to adopt policies to widen its appeal and not narrow it has Plaid Cymru is doing at present and Welsh Socialist Republicans must be that force to correct Plaid Cymru's strategic errors and widen the appeal of the Welsh National Movement.

Therefore in its current incarnation we do not see Plaid Cymru has a vehicle fit to wage the serious political war to win Independence for Wales.

We need to create a new force in Welsh Politics that will propagandise for an Independent Wales and we believe that organisation should be a Welsh Socialist Republican Congress.

Individual members of Plaid Cymru and othe nationalist and socialist organisations can affiliate to the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress and begin the hard but necessary work of a target of winning a million Welsh people for independence by 2017.

To that end we are calling for a WSRC preparatory organisation to come into existence in 2014 to prepare for a Welsh Socialist Repblican Congress in June 2015.

The Congress will set the strategy and tactics for a Welsh Independence Movement for the years of campaigning upto 2017..

It will be convened twice a year to review success's and failures

We have a Wales to Win for National and Social Liberation - Seize the Time !

Mae'r Aflonyddwch Mawr yn galw am Gyngres Weriniaethol Sosialaidd Gymreig ar gyfer Adnewyddu ac ailfywiogi’r Mudiad am Annibyniaeth yma yng Nghymru.

Mae'r Aflonyddwch Mawr yn galw am Gyngres Weriniaethol Sosialaidd Gymreig ar gyfer Adnewyddu ac ailfywiogi’r Mudiad am Annibyniaeth yma yng Nghymru. 

Mae'r Aflonyddwch Mawr yn cael ei ysbrydoli gan y symudiad mas yn yr Alban ar gyfer annibyniaeth ac yn benodol â'r Mudiad Annibyniaeth Radical yno ac rydym yn edmygu'r Gydweithfa Cenedlaethol o artistiaid a phobl greadigol sydd wedi uno yn y frwydr i adennill Annibyniaeth Cenedlaethol yr Alban.

Mae angen i ni yma yng Nghymru geisio ag efelychu’r sbectrwm llawn o farn genedlaetholgar a sosialaidd a gynrychiolir yn y mudiad cenedlaethol torfol a drefnwyd yno.

Ar hyn o bryd, mae’r sefyllfa yn wahanol iawn yng Nghymru lle mae'r mudiad am annibyniaeth yn rhwygedig ac yn wan ac, o ganlyniad, yn dioddef o sectyddiaeth.

Mae’r sectyddiaeth yn glefyd marwol y gellir ei oresgyn ar yr adeg allweddol yma yn hanes ein cenedl, drwy roi buddiannau'r genedl uwchlaw gwahaniaethau gwleidyddol sectyddol sydd wedi atal ein twf. 

Mae gan Plaid Cymru berthynas anesmwyth gyda'r syniad o Annibyniaeth Cymru ac mae yna ‘Brydeinwyr’  ymysg arweinyddiaeth y Blaid a fyddai'n fascwlareiddio ac yn gwrthwynebu / bradychu unrhyw ymgyrch o ddifrif dros ennill Annibyniaeth i Gymru o'r Wladwriaeth Brydeinig.

Mae'r frwydr yn erbyn Eidioleg Prydeinig ei naws yn hanfodol os yw’r ymgyrch dros Gymru Annibynnol i ennill tyfiant poblogaidd, dyna pam, yn 2015, byddwn yn cyhoeddi ‘Hanes brwydro'r Pobl yng Nghymru’.

Mae'r grŵp o Brydeinwyr ym Mhlaid Cymru yn berchen â grymoedd allweddol sy'n gefnogol i’r melinwyntio diwydiannol a gwladychiaeth ‘eco’ sy’n cymryd lle yng Nghymru heddiw ac mae hyn, yn ddi-os, yn rhannol gyfrifol dros y gostyngiad yn nifer  aelodaeth y Blaid.

Mae’r un grym o fewn i Blaid Cymru yn gefnogol i’r Undeb Ewropeaidd yn ogystal ag maent yn awyddus i gyfnewid y bunt ar gyfer yr Ewro a’n gosod o dan dasgfeistr Ewropeaidd yn gyfnewid i’r un Brydeinig! Nid dyna yw ein nod ni neu unrhyw berson rhesymol arall ar gyfer Cymru Annibynnol.

Mae'r gefnogaeth yma i ‘Eco Wladychiaeth’ a’r ‘Cyfalafiaeth Gwyrdd’ Fyd-eang yn ogystal â'r gefnogaeth ar gyfer yr Undeb Ewropeaidd a'r rheol fiwrocrataidd o Frwsel yn tanseilio'r frwydr ddemocrataidd a dyheadau pobl Cymru yn yr 21ain ganrif.

Yn drychinebus, mae polisi Plaid Cymru parthed aros yn yr Undeb Ewropeaidd wedi sbarduno 200,000 o bleidleiswyr yn Marcha Wallia i bleidleisio UKIP yn yr Etholiadau Ewropeaidd diwethaf! Rhaid ennill y pleidwyr yma yn ôl i gefnogi’r frwydr am Annibyniaeth i Gymru.

Mae'n rhaid i’r Mudiad Cenedlaethol yng Nghymru fabwysiadu polisïau sy’n ehangu ei apêl ac, yn sicr, tydi Plaid Cymru ddim yn cynnig unrhyw arweiniad i’r cyfeiriad hynny ar hyn o bryd felly, mae’n hanfodol bod Gweriniaethwyr Sosialaidd Cymru yn tyfu’n  rymus i gywiro gwallau strategol Plaid Cymru i ehangu apêl y Mudiad Cenedlaethol Cymreig.

Felly, fel y mae Plaid Cymru yn sefyll yn ei ymgnawdoliad presennol, gellir ddim gweld sut yr ellir ymddiried yn y blaid yma fel cerbyd sy'n addas i arwain y rhyfel gwleidyddol difrifol fydd angen ei brwydro i ennill Annibyniaeth i Gymru ac oherwydd, mae gwir angen i ni greu grym newydd yng Ngwleidyddiaeth Cymru a fydd yn cenhadu’n ddiflino am yr angen am Gymru Annibynnol a chredwn y dylai’r sefydliad hynny fod yn Gyngres Weriniaethol Sosialaidd Cymreig.

Gall aelodau unigol o Blaid Cymru a mudiadau cenedlaetholgar a sosialaidd eraill ymaelodi â’r Gyngres Weriniaethol Sosialaidd arfaethedig yma a chychwyn yn ddi-oed ar y gwaith caled ond angenrheidiol o dargedu i ennill miliwn o Gymry i gefnogi’r frwydr Am annibyniaeth i Gymru erbyn 2017.

I'r perwyl hwnnw, rydym yn galw ar gyfer sefydliad paratoadol WSRC i ddod i fodolaeth yn 2014 i baratoi ar gyfer Gyngres Weriniaethol Sosialaidd Cymru ym Mehefin 2015.

Bydd y Gyngres yn gosod y strategaeth a thactegaeth ar gyfer Mudiad Annibyniaeth Cymru ar gyfer y blynyddoedd o ymgyrchu hyd at 2017.

Bydd y Gyngres yn cael ei gynnull ddwywaith y flwyddyn i adolygu llwyddiannau a methiannau.

Mae gennym ein cenedl -  Gymru i ennill ar gyfer Rhyddid Cenedlaethol a Chymdeithasol ein pobl… Cipiwch y cyfle!

Tuesday 16 September 2014

The Scottish Referendum - The Case of Norway seceding from Sweden - Statement from Communist League of Norway and Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr in Wales

Serve the People - the Communist League of Norway and the Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr in Wales are pleased that vast sections of the working Class in England and Wales support Scottish Independence, but we are conscious that  more support must be won for our Scottish brothers and sisters.

We would ask those undecided to on the issue to take heed of Comrade Lenin's advice to Swedish working class concerning the question of Norwegian Independence.

Lenin Writes :

What position did the Norwegian and Swedish proletariat take, and indeed had to take, in the conflict over secession?

 After Norway seceded, the class-conscious workers of Norway would naturally have voted for a republic, and if some socialists voted otherwise it only goes to show how much dense, philistine opportunism there sometimes is in the European socialist movement.

There can be no two opinions about that, and we mention the point only because Rosa Luxemburg is trying to obscure the issue by speaking off the mark…

There cannot be the slightest doubt that the Swedish Social-Democrats would have betrayed the cause of socialism and democracy if they had not fought with all their might to combat both the landlord and the “Kokoshkin” ideology and policy, and if they had failed to demand, not only equality of nations in general (to which the Kokoshkins also subscribe), but also the right of nations to self-determination, Norway’s freedom to secede.

The close alliance between the Norwegian and Swedish workers, their complete fraternal class solidarity, gained from the Swedish workers’ recognition of the right of the Norwegians to secede.
This convinced the Norwegian workers that the Swedish workers were not infected with Swedish nationalism, and that they placed fraternity with the Norwegian proletarians above the privileges of the Swedish bourgeoisie and aristocracy.

The Swedish workers… will be able to preserve and defend the complete equality and class solidarity of the workers of both nations in the struggle against both the Swedish and the Norwegian bourgeoisie.”

Source: https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1914/self-det/ch06.htm

Long Live The Unity of the Welsh, Scottish, Kernow,  Manxx and Irish Working Class in the Struggle for Socialism in the British Isles and may you always place the fraternity of proletarians above the privileges of the British Bourgeoisie.

Serve the People - Communist League of Norway

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr - Wales

Democracy and Class Struggle - British Isles

15th September 2014

Publicado en thanks to comrades of    for translation into Spanish.

Nota – En relación con el referéndum sobre la independencia que tendrá lugar en Escocia el próximo día 18 de septiembre, reproducimos a continuación una reciente declaración de la Liga Comunista de Noruega y de Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr (Grupo Gran Desorden) en Gales publicada en el blog de los camaradas de las Islas Británicas Democracy and Class Struggle (Democracia y Lucha de Clases) http://democracyandclasstruggle.blogspot.no/ y que Gran Marcha Hacia el Comunismo hemos traducido al español:

Servir al Pueblo – Liga Comunista de Noruega e Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr (Grupo Gran Desorden) en Gales se congratulan que amplios sectores de la Clase trabajadora en Inglaterra y Gales apoyan la Independencia de Escocia, pero somos conscientes que más apoyo debe ser ganado para nuestros hermanas y hermanos escoceses.

Debemos preguntar a cuantos están indecisos sobre el asunto que presten atención al consejo de Lenin a la clase trabajadora sueca concerniente a la cuestión de la independencia de Noruega.
Lenin escribe:

“¿Cuál fue y debió ser la posición del proletariado noruego y sueco en el conflicto motivado por la separación? Los obreros conscientes de Noruega, desde luego, hubieran votado después de la separación por la República, y si hubo socialistas que votaron de otro modo, eso no demuestra sino que hay a veces mucho oportunismo obtuso, pequeñoburgués, en el socialismo europeo. Sobre esto no puede haber dos criterios, y sólo nos referimos a este punto porque Rosa Luxemburgo intenta velar el fondo de la cuestión con disquisiciones que no vienen al caso.

No cabe la menor duda de que la socialdemocracia sueca habría hecho traición a la causa del socialismo y a la causa de la democracia si no hubiera luchado con todas sus fuerzas contra la ideología y contra la política tanto de los terratenientes como de los Kokoshkin, si no hubiera propugnado, además de la igualdad de las naciones en general (igualdad que también reconocen los Kokoshkin), el derecho de las naciones a la autodeterminación, la libertad de separación de Noruega.
La estrecha unión de los obreros noruegos y suecos y su plena solidaridad de camaradas de clase ganaban, al reconocer de este modo los obreros suecos el derecho de los noruegos a la separación.

Porque los obreros noruegos se convencían de que los obreros suecos no estaban contagiados de nacionalismo sueco, de que la fraternidad con los proletarios noruegos estaba, para ellos, por encima de los privilegios de la burguesía y de la aristocracia suecas…. Los obreros suecos …sabrán mantener y defender la completa igualdad de derechos y la solidaridad de clase de los obreros de ambas naciones en la lucha tanto contra la burguesía sueca como contra la Noruega.”

¡Viva la Unidad de la Clase Obrera Galesa, Escocesa, de Kernow [Cornualles], de Manxx e Irlandesa en la Lucha por el Socialismo en las Islas Británicas y colocad siempre la fraternidad de los proletarios por encima de los privilegios de la Burguesía Británica!

Servir al Pueblo – Liga Comunista de Noruega

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr (Grupo Gran Desorden) – Gales

Democracia y Lucha de Clases – Islas Británicas

15 Septiembre 2014

Friday 12 September 2014

Land and Liberty Struggle : Picket at Dragon Hotel Swansea against RWE Windmill Presentation on 9th September 2014


The Aflonyddwch Mawr Picket forced RWE to move From Grand Hotel to Dragon Hotel Swansea.

Protest  earlier in day against windfarm above Swansea on the Mawr
Placards in Swansea against RWE

Monday 8 September 2014

Scottish Referendum: Vote for Independence & Fight for the Republic Statement by the International Bureau of Republican Sinn Féin

In a statement, the International PRO of Republican Sinn Féin urged all people in Scotland to vote for Independence in the upcoming referendum. Independence will bring decision-making closer to the people of Scotland, the statement read. An independent Scotland will take its rightful place among the free nations of the world. Hence, merely Independence will path the way for building a just, democratic political system based on justice, equal rights, anti-racism, peace, and prosperity.

Furthermore, the Independence of Scotland will be a boost for all Republicans, revolutionaries, and democratic-socialists fighting for national self-determination of Cornwall, Ireland, and Wales. A successful Independence campaign in Scotland will be a deadly blow to the British-imperialist chain, gagging the Celtic Nations for hundreds of years. A successful vote in the referendum will also be an important boost for Catalan Nationalists and Republicans campaign for self-determination in their own country.

We, as Irish Republicans, support the creation of a federal, democratic-socialist Republic. Consequently, we argue that the Independence of Scotland while at the same time staying within the Commonwealth, keeping the Queen as Head of State, and using the Pound as Scottish currency as it is promoted by the Scottish Nationalist Party, can only be the first step for full Independence.

Irish Republicans will support all Republican activists in Scotland fighting for the creation a free, independent, democratic Republic of Scotland through the International Relations Bureau of Republican Sinn Féin and Irish activists organised in Republican Sinn Féin Cumainn throughout Scotland.

As outlined in our political documents Éire Nua; A Vision of the Future: Celtic Identity and Cooperation; and the Seven Signatories Manifesto – International Affairs Irish Republicans support the creation of a Celtic League consisting of the independent Republics of All-Ireland, unified Brittany, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Scotland, and Wales.

Merely free nations can trade on equal bases. So, this Celtic League should be an association of free and independent Republics who come together on an equal basis to assist and support each other for the good of the people. Such a framework will guarantee peace and prosperity. Therefore, it will stand in stark contrast to the cultural and political imperialist projects of the British Empire and the EU.

As Irish Republicans, we are Internationalists committed to building a community of free nations. In opposing imperialism and colonialism we are not only upholding national democracy but also the ideal of international democracy and true solidarity between nations in defence of human rights.

An independent Scotland will be a beacon for all oppressed nations and people fighting for freedom, peace, and equality. In particular, a successful referendum campaign and a declaration of Scottish Independence have the potential to lead all Celtic Nations into a peaceful future, based on solidarity among the nations.

Thus, Irish Republicans and Republican Sinn Féin urge all people in Scotland to vote for Independence in the upcoming referendum. Furthermore, we urge all our supporters in Ireland, Scotland, and abroad to support the progressive campaigns for national self-determination in Scotland and Catalonia, as well as both continuing and intensifying the fight for federal, democratic-socialist Republics in Scotland, Catalonia, and the whole British Empire.

Saturday 6 September 2014

Tanks on the Lawn ! NATO forces get out of Wales Now !

Tanks on the Lawn - NATO forces get out of Wales Now !

Protecting the NATO Warmongers  at Celtic Manor - Wales -  who flip the script when it suits them to describe themselves as peacemakers.

This is an old story has  the Roman, Tacitus reminds us

"They plunder, they slaughter, and they steal: this they falsely name Empire, and where they make a wasteland, they call it peace"

Thanks from the Aflonyddwch Mawr to our brothers and sisters in the RED BLOCK in helping us confront NATO on our Welsh Lawn at Celtic Manor.

It also reminded us of the  Celtic Anti imperialism of the Silurian tribe  who decimated the 20th Legion of the Roman Empire  - Imperial Empires go down to defeat by the peoples in past and future - NATO cannot save the American Empire it will be decimated by the people.

Long Live People's War against Imperialism !

                                    Our Brothers and Sisters of the RED BLOCK