Monday 8 September 2014

Scottish Referendum: Vote for Independence & Fight for the Republic Statement by the International Bureau of Republican Sinn Féin

In a statement, the International PRO of Republican Sinn Féin urged all people in Scotland to vote for Independence in the upcoming referendum. Independence will bring decision-making closer to the people of Scotland, the statement read. An independent Scotland will take its rightful place among the free nations of the world. Hence, merely Independence will path the way for building a just, democratic political system based on justice, equal rights, anti-racism, peace, and prosperity.

Furthermore, the Independence of Scotland will be a boost for all Republicans, revolutionaries, and democratic-socialists fighting for national self-determination of Cornwall, Ireland, and Wales. A successful Independence campaign in Scotland will be a deadly blow to the British-imperialist chain, gagging the Celtic Nations for hundreds of years. A successful vote in the referendum will also be an important boost for Catalan Nationalists and Republicans campaign for self-determination in their own country.

We, as Irish Republicans, support the creation of a federal, democratic-socialist Republic. Consequently, we argue that the Independence of Scotland while at the same time staying within the Commonwealth, keeping the Queen as Head of State, and using the Pound as Scottish currency as it is promoted by the Scottish Nationalist Party, can only be the first step for full Independence.

Irish Republicans will support all Republican activists in Scotland fighting for the creation a free, independent, democratic Republic of Scotland through the International Relations Bureau of Republican Sinn Féin and Irish activists organised in Republican Sinn Féin Cumainn throughout Scotland.

As outlined in our political documents Éire Nua; A Vision of the Future: Celtic Identity and Cooperation; and the Seven Signatories Manifesto – International Affairs Irish Republicans support the creation of a Celtic League consisting of the independent Republics of All-Ireland, unified Brittany, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Scotland, and Wales.

Merely free nations can trade on equal bases. So, this Celtic League should be an association of free and independent Republics who come together on an equal basis to assist and support each other for the good of the people. Such a framework will guarantee peace and prosperity. Therefore, it will stand in stark contrast to the cultural and political imperialist projects of the British Empire and the EU.

As Irish Republicans, we are Internationalists committed to building a community of free nations. In opposing imperialism and colonialism we are not only upholding national democracy but also the ideal of international democracy and true solidarity between nations in defence of human rights.

An independent Scotland will be a beacon for all oppressed nations and people fighting for freedom, peace, and equality. In particular, a successful referendum campaign and a declaration of Scottish Independence have the potential to lead all Celtic Nations into a peaceful future, based on solidarity among the nations.

Thus, Irish Republicans and Republican Sinn Féin urge all people in Scotland to vote for Independence in the upcoming referendum. Furthermore, we urge all our supporters in Ireland, Scotland, and abroad to support the progressive campaigns for national self-determination in Scotland and Catalonia, as well as both continuing and intensifying the fight for federal, democratic-socialist Republics in Scotland, Catalonia, and the whole British Empire.

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