Friday 26 May 2017

Irish Socialist Republicans extend fraternal greetings to Yr Aflonynddwch Mawr and the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress on the occasion of the anniversary of the Merthyr Rising.

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr deeply appreciates support from our Socialist Republican brothers and sisters in Ireland - class solidarity strengthens our struggle.

Irish Socialist Republicans extend fraternal greetings to Yr Aflonynddwch Mawr and the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress on the occasion of the anniversary of the Merthyr Rising.

186 years ago the working class in Merthyr rose up against explotation and oppression, hoisted the Glorious Red Flag, possibly for the first time in history, and seized control of their town, holding it for the workers.

Today, the example of the Merthyr Rising continues to be a shining example to the international working class and oppressed peoples with the Red Flag having been adopted as the international flag of Communism and we salute Welsh Socialist Republicans for carrying high the banner and spirit of the Merthyr Rising today.

In this time of great crisis of capitalism and imperialism, international bonds of solidarity amongst the working class and revolutionaries are of the utmost importance. The working class and oppressed peoples of Ireland and Wales face the same enemies and must stand together to strengthen our common struggle against imperialism.

Let us hold high the Red Flag and the spirit of the Merthyr Rising as we March forward together!

Onwards to national liberation and socialism in Ireland and Wales!

Thursday 25 May 2017

Solidarity with Welsh Socialist Republicans from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr - The Welsh Socialist Republicans have received a communication from our Venezuelan comrades - we salute their momentus struggle in Venezuela and deeply appreciate their message of solidarity with us timed to co-incide with the Merthyr Rising Weekend .

Our Social Movements of the Alba and The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela  show their support to Welsh Socialist Republican Movement  in the struggle for the unity of the peoples against capitalism and the neoliberal policies that exclude and generate poverty.

We Show our solidarity  together with the Venezuelan people which opened a new era for people who dream and fight for a just and worthy world to be lived by all and all.

These are times of crisis, transitions, explicit uncertainty and sustainability of the world capitalist system, times where in some central countries xenophobic messages are raised and it is intended to blame the peoples who have paid throughout history the way of life exorbitant And unmeasured by those minorities who believe they are the owners of the planet earth.

For all of this  it is important to be united  and our present fightings and longed for future freedom are possible thanks to our history as a people,  the Welsh Socialist Republican Movement has to stand as a beacon that illuminates the emancipatory possibilities of humanity. 

Strengthening the socialist flame, not only for the Welsh Republic but for the whole world.

Long live the Welsh Socialist Republican Movement.. 
Long live the Venezuelan people! 
Long live Fidel! 
long live Chavez  the fighting continues!

Saturday 20 May 2017

Sean Doyle speech to the Court in Bray - Ireland on the 16th May 2016 - We must make a stand for our water. : Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr says Wales must Defend its Water - emulate Irish Comrades

"First and for most we reject being addressed as protesters, we are protectors.

The people of Ireland are the owners of the wealth and resources as defined in the 1919 declaration and paid for with the blood of our freedom fighters and the tears of their mothers.

Or as Mellows said, the wealth and resources belongs to the people and must not be for the enrichment of any individual or class.

We as members of Citizens against Privatisation, stand proudly in defence of that right.

We have witnessed the robbery of so much that belongs to the people, our gas, our oil, our fisheries, our minerals.

We must make a stand for our water.

Every meter in the ground is a step closer to privatisation.

I must also address this question of an individual who wishes to have a meter.

While we fully support the right of the individual up the point, that it adversely effects the rest of society.

The right of the individual is then secondary to the public right and welfare.

And finally I wish to state we will continue to stop the metering as we will not allow our water to be added to the long list of theft."

Yr Aflonydddwch Mawr Salute Republican Socialist comrades in Ireland for making a stand against robbery of Irish Natural Resources.

In October 2016 Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr joined the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress and put the question of Welsh Water as a key part of our new national struggle.

Here is the Speech to the Congress on Welsh Water as part of the Welsh Socialist Republican Strategy for the National and Social Liberation of Wales

Saturday 6 May 2017

Merthyr Rising 1831 Song : Cheese and Bread by David Rovics - English and Welsh

1831, the age of industry begun
For the working folk of Wales, life was short
With wages cut again it was only sensible that then
Folks took over and shut down the debtors' court
The gentry pulled the wire, told their men to open fire
And restore the rule of their estate
But as the night descended and the battle ended
The soldiers had all fled behind a gate

They chanted “cheese and bread”
And “our children must be fed”
In the days when Wales rose against the crown
They chanted “cheese and bread”
With a bloody loaf above their heads
When the red flag flew in Merthyr Town

The message went out east and west to put the gentry to the test
The cavalry was ambushed and turned back
After so long playing defense, the time had come now whence
The workers were the ones on the attack
The crown sent soldiers by the score until order was restored
Then came Dic Penderyn's execution
Another martyr for the cause, meant to give us pause
The next time the people call for revolution

Gwrthryfel Merthyr, Cymru, 1831. Y tro cyntaf yn y byd y chwifiodd y faner goch fel symbol chwyldro.

Cyfieithiad Steve Blundell o’r gân “Cheese and Bread”, gan David Rovics o Efrog Newydd, canwr/cyfansoddwr ac anarchwr.

1831, yr oes diwidiannol ar waith,
Bywyd byr oedd tynged gweithwyr gwerin Cymru
Wedi rhagor o doriadau tal, penderfyniad call a wnaed
i gymryd drosodd a chau lawr y llys dyledwyr

Rhoddodd y bonedd gair, a tanio’u harfau drwg a wnaeth…
eu filwyr, er mwyn adfer grym eu ‘stâd, (hystâd)
Disgynnodd nos ymlaen, ac ar ddiwedd y brwydr aeth
y milwyr i gyd i ffoi tu ôl i giât.

  Y cor-gan oedd “bara chaws”
  a “rhaid ni bwydo’n plant”
  Yn y dyddiau cododd Cymru wrth y goron
  Y cor-gan oedd “bara chaws”
  Gyda torth gwaedlyd uwch eu bennau
  Pan chwifiodd y faner goch yn Nhref Merthyr

I’r gorllewin ac i’r de, aeth neges rhoi’r bonedd i’r her
ymosodwyd y farchoglu a’u wrthyrru,
Ar ôl amddiffyn hir erioed, daeth amser y cyffroed,
y gweithwyr oedd y rhai oedd yn ymosod


Halodd y goron milwyr llu, tan daeth y drefn yn ôl i hwy,
Yna daeth dienyddiad Dic Penderyn,
Un merthyr fwy i’r fudaid, er mwyn darbwyllo cymryd pwyll
Y tro nesaf daw y werin am eu chwyldro


Friday 5 May 2017

Llandegley in Mid Wales shows the way for Mynydd y Gwair in West Wales - we can defend Welsh Common Land

Plans to build a wind farm at a Powys beauty spot have been rejected by councillors.

Hendy Wind Farm Ltd said its proposal to build seven turbines at Llandegley near Llandrindod Wells had the support of land owners.

The planning committee was recommended to approve it on Thursday, but voted to refuse permission.

Campaigners had said the plans could deter tourists visiting the area.

Four of the turbines would have been built on a protected public right of way, according to preservation body the Open Spaces Society.

This would make it common land, according to the group set up in 1865 to protect such areas.

Ahead of the meeting Kate Ashbrook, general secretary of the Open Spaces Society, called the development damaging.

Brwydr Mynydd y Gwair 2017 : Cymrwch Ein Tir Yn Ol : Take Back Our Land

Monday 1 May 2017

May Day 2017 - Call for support of our 10 Point Programme

                                                          Bread or Blood ?

We at the Aflonyddwch Mawr - the Great Unrest are Welsh Socialist Republicans with the working class spirit of the Miners Next Step of 1912 we believe in the power of our class the working class to change Wales and the world.

On this May Day 2017 we call for the social and economic decline of Wales to be arrested and to bring forth a new spirit of Revival and Renewal in Wales based upon the ideas of Welsh Socialist Republicanism.

Socialism and a Welsh Socialist Republic is our aim.

To achieve that aim Wales needs social movements to bring together the forces for social change, these social movements need to address the

10 Point Programme of Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr - The Great Unrest.

The Mass Line for Wales with radical First Step Up Policies.

To that Aim we have outlined a 10 point Programme.

1. We place the question of Welsh Land Act at the centre of Welsh Politics, we have taken up the fallen banner of 1895 for a Welsh Land Act. Land is also key to solving current and future ecological problems in Wales.Welsh ownership of Land is key to the regeneration of Welsh National Life.Without Land there is no Liberty.

2. Welsh Utilities like Electricity, Gas and Water to be placed under the control of the People through the creation of new socially owned worker controlled Welsh Public Enterprises.We should eradicate Thatcherism and it's mantra of privatisation from Welsh National Life.

3. We require a Welsh Banking System with a Welsh currency and a Central Bank and Welsh Banks for urban and rural development. We reject the pound and the euro has being financial instruments unsuited for Welsh National development.

4. Welsh language survival in now in the hands of the British State with its corrupting grant system, a dangerous place for the Welsh language to be in times of austerity. In the hard place between the British State and the treacherous Cultural Crachach.Without addressing the Welsh Land Question which has been ignored for a 100 years the Welsh language is in serious danger of decline, the Crachhach has failed the Welsh language.

5. With Land and Capital in Welsh hands we can unleash the power of the creativity of Welsh Labour and rebuild the Welsh Economy.We see the revival of Welsh Labour has unleashing the creativity of the Welsh Soul and a flourishing of intellectual and physical labour, yes a new Welsh Revival in social as well as economic Welsh Life..

6. Bring forth new democratic institutions of the Welsh people like a Welsh Republican Congress or a Senedd Glyndwr.Reject institutions of the British State for managing Welsh Decline in Wales like the Welsh Assembly.

7. Protect The National Health Service in Wales by halting any further privatisation of Health Service.Ensure community and not bureaucratic capitalist control of the Welsh Health Service, community need not private profit should guide the Health Service in the spirit of Aneurin Bevan..

8. Implement Great Unrest First Step Up policies for the visitors to food banks, unemployed and part time workers by giving them priority for allotments.New Allotments will result from new proposed Welsh Land Act.

9. Township and Village Enterprises, Councils would be empowered to take over empty shops and make them into small units for new business start ups - twelve months free rent would be offered has part of the Great Unrest First Step Up policies.

10. Implement Independence not Dependency Policies, restructure relationship with British State in Economy whereby the proper price of Welsh resources are paid for.

All raw material exports from Wales should be subjected to value added/ high energy processing evaluation and over time all raw material exports will  be reduced has value added processing  exports will replace low value material exports.

Bring all unemployed into  productive activity - through public works and land based rural food sovereignty projects.

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr also supports the Land and Water and Banking Programme of the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress