Thursday 17 January 2019

Children of Blaenau Gwent - In 1842 a Royal Commission investigated the employment of children in heavy industry -- the results shocked middle-class Britain.

Some real history from the bottom up - Welsh History still needs to be written to honour all the struggles that have become invisible - John Jenkins reminded us at beginning of 2019 without knowing or understanding our Welsh past we have no future.

All the Welsh Histories we have read and that goes for Gwyn Alf Williams as well have been outsiders looking in - usually English or Welsh People writing top down Histories because that is the way the historical documents* take them.

A bottom up History of Wales based on the Land and changes in Land ownership and tenure still has to be written and will reveal an entirely different History of Wales especially during the Tudor period - those English lickspittles that passed themselves off as Welsh.

* Historical Documents were usually produced to legitimize English domination of Wales

Tuesday 15 January 2019

Brexit Crisis within British State - Welsh Opportunity

Any real Welsh National Movement would be calling for a Welsh  Independence Declaration from the British State today - just as people in British Isles declared independence from the European Union.

Given the servility of the representatives of that extension of the British State in Wales in the Welsh Assembly that is not likely to happen.

However we make the call  because for us politics is not just the Bismarkian politics of the bourgeois possibilities but we must open up proletarian ones.

Because for the bourgeoisie politics of socialism is impossible.

We call for genuine socialists and nationalists to seek support and call for Welsh Independence - with the passing of precursor legislation to create a Public Welsh Banking System, A Welsh Land Commission and A Welsh Water Act.

Crisis in the British State - A Welsh Opportunity 

Wednesday 2 January 2019

Six Bells Colliery Disaster Remembered

I Remember being in Abertillery in 1960 at the time of the disaster and remember the grief - Alan Jones