Monday 24 March 2014

Adfeddiant - Cymrwch y Tir yn Ol - Reclaim - Take Back the Land

Cymrwch y Tir yn Nol
Earlier this year on a number of occasions a number of acts of vandalism were carried out against the iconic slogan ‘Cofia Dryweryn’ painted on a wall outside Aberystwyth.
We have thus as if we had to been reminded of the struggle to save Capel Celyn from being drowned to make a reservoir for Liverpoool.
As important as this was historically it is now but an episode in a long history of our peoples struggles against tyrrany, oppression and exploitation of our country, communities and resources.
As example of the Forest of Snowdon Affair in the 16th Century, in Cwmwd Caeo in the same century whch gave us the rallying call of ‘Trech Gwlad Nag Arglwydd’, Mynydd Bach 1826 witnessed the ‘War of the Little Englishman’.
In the North too there were many similar struggles as against Enclosures in 1809 in Llanddeiniolen and at a later date there is the struggles of the ‘Vagabond Quarrymen’ of Gwynedd.
I could go on with this largelly ignored and forgotten history of the Peoples ‘Pitchfork and Pike’ struggles for Land and Liberty but yes we must remember this history but at the same time being aware that unless it motivates and prompts us to continue similar struggles in our times then we are but not truly respecting the memory of those who went before us and made sacrifices that would put us to shame if we remain but silent inactive observers to the continued oppression, tyrrany and exploitation of our country and communities today.
Not least in the unremitting advance of WAG Tan 8 Wind Farm Terrorism upon our land from the North, to Central Cymru, the West and in the South particularly in area of Pen y Cymoedd, Cwm Rhondda and in a truly hideous example that may soon begin to devastate a wonderful Southern wilderness landscape of five Mountains with construction of a virtual rural motorway to take Turbines to Mynydd Y Gwair, there to build a Rural Windmill Farm – Industrial Landscape to the enrichment of the Duke of Somerset aka the English Aristocrat Absentee Landlord family of the Beauforts who were given this land and other vast acres throughout the South by Charles II as reward for their support in the English Civil War.
This act of Tan 8 Terrorism given licence by WAG and further permission by Swansea Council to build the 16 turbine Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm now sees the company seeking permission to construch the aforementioned road that along with the Windfarm and existing Windfarm upon Mynydd y Bettws will further desecrate this wonderful rual landscape and no doubt drive off the Red Kites who have only recently returned all to the great finnancial benefit of RWE the’New Conquistadore’ and the ‘Old Conquistadore’ Beaufort Family. Together they are the present day ‘Cheque Book Conquest’ Economic colonisers who with others of this ilk seek to make of Wales ‘Corporate Colony Cymru’.
RWE and the Somerset Trust are at present engaged in an inquiry as to obtain permission to construct the said road. Opposing them are some 300 objectors of whom are 20 graziers, the inquiry has been taking place at the Dylan Thomas centre over a number of days but as now adjourned to the Summer when it will continue you again. Up to now the Welsh Media have shown very little interest in this issue or the aforementioned inquiry, hopefully this will change when the inquiry begins anew in the Summer.
Not least by then also Welsh Patriots as well as pobl Glyndwr – Tarian Glyndwr campaign, Partisan Cymru activists of Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr and Adfeddiant – ‘Cymrwch Y Tir Yn Nol’ – Wales Land Question Campaign renewed also ‘Hawliau’ members will rally to the cause of defending these mountains and engage in what may become an epic struggle of total patriotic resistance to construction of the Windmill Road – THE TURBINES SHALL NOT PASS!
As first stage it what may become known in our history as ‘The War with the Big Englishman’ aka Name? Duke of Somerset .
In conclusion I will remind that this Robber Baron as already in recent years ripped off Swansea Council to the tune of £280.000 plus £6.000 so that they could build a foot bridge over the River Tawe to the English Crown held land upon which the Tawe Retail Park stands.
Thus not only does the Somerset Trust ownership off the Tawe Riverbed enrich they, so too the Crown Estate rips off some ground rent to fill their coffers and that is something the ‘Beaufort Bunch’ have also been doing for centuries from Glamorgan to Gwent.
Is it not time we told them to get out and campaigned radically hard to get rid of them, to reclaim our land – Take it back and I suggest see it ‘Communalised’ in interest of local people and communities and most certainly not Absenttee ‘English Aristocratic’ Land Lords as the ‘Beaufort Bunch’. They by the way now also seek to make a mint, it suggested being as much as another £280.000 to allow a National Motor Circuit of Wales to be build in Gwent.
Already the propsers of this scheme true to form as similar to what got us stuck with Valley Wood and much else we now have to subsidise are talking about requiring Financial Support from WAG.
I suggest that if WAG is as dumb to give them such a subsidy which will also benefit the ‘Beaufort Bunch’, then if so, I would make a call for Patriots to occupy that Assembly which is proving so liberal with our money as recently too, £30m to Pinewood Studios to set up in ‘Bae Caerdydd’, why not in that empty Valley Wood?
A Radical Cultural Conclusion
 A 16th Century View Of The Land Grabbing Lords of the Land.
'Being oppressive and detestable;
scorning God and his commanments;
harrassing the weak for his land and welfare,
and behaving with abundant arrogance'.
Sion Brwynog who in 1597 wrote in reference to the 
Forest of  Snowdon Controversy: 
Below couplet, written to remind of Rhyfel y Sais Bach 1826 and of Siaci Ifan y Gof, sounding his horn in a call to action of the time on Mynydd Bach:
Fe dwythwyrd yr udgorn
ar ben yr Hebryg Fawr
Dach mwy na mil o ddynion
ynghyd mewn hanner awr.
The horn was sounded on Hebryg Fawr.
More than a 1000 men came together
in half an hour.
Most poigniant and resonating down the ages:
'Trech Gwlad Nag Arglwydd

Gethin ap Gruffydd &  Rhodri  Jones.

Thursday 20 March 2014

A CALL FOR NOTHING LESS THAN TOTAL RESISTANCE - TARO NOL! Graziers verses RWE and Somerset Trust : Report on Inquiry Meeting Today by Gethin ap Gruffydd


Started at 1: pm and soon had to adjourn as RWE was found to be lacking in delivery of a new paper on subject of associated matters (this is getting very complex and taking in so much that the Graziers are running circles around RWE) also they are not distributing these new papers to all concerned or not on time also the Inquiry chair person is not at all happy with all the legal Jargon and use of different names to describe the same thing and nothing at all is very clear on such matters as RWE wanting to start service roads before permission has been given to start the main road, RWE does not want to fence of key boundary areas or put up H&S warning signs etc, etc.
There was  a 15 Minute break for objectors to discuss much they had heard of for first time today and then the Inquiry Chair person decided to call it a day and more or less give  RWE a 'bollocking', she is not an 'happy bunny' and by look s of it favours the objectors but be warned WAG might turn down her recommendations and the Graziers yet could be bought off in a new packaged deal. Thank fully there are a number of non Grazier objectors who are in main opposed to the Wind Farm and hate Beaufort.

By way Cllr Ioan Richards representing people of Mawr give the best comments of day and made a great case against the Somerset Trust and English Aristocrats.
It is here we must focus re the struggle for Land and Liberty against the Somerset Trust for Land and Liberty.
The Inquiry is to now continue in the Summer to annoyance of Graziers who will be busy with their flocks, hopefully we will know what is what in August I then suggest overAugust BH we have a rally on Mynydd Pysgodlyn at  Penlle' Bebyll and possibly set up a Lluest Glyndwr and do some Glyndwr - Gwerin Owain Rambling of these threatened Mountains.
 So we come to know the land of our fight back better than RWE. Let me know if your up for that and spread the message -
I'R Gad!
I call for all out resistance using all means possible, including refusal throughout the whole of Gwyr (Gower) to pay council tax and electricity bills, continuous strike action, legal action, call for judicial review, filing injunctions, protests in large numbers, continuous road blocking by sitting in front of vehicles *, and in general all means available.

From the RWE maps I can see that the entire area will be totally ruined if this illegal destruction goes through.  

In general there is bitter and very deep resentment of this proposal and of the Somerset Trust and Swansea Councils also of WAG Tan * Terrorists.




New Posters "This is Our Land " "Popular Resistance Against Tyranny and Oppression



Tuesday 18 March 2014

Lord Somerset - Duke of Beaufort - Absentee Landlord to make a killing by selling 850 acres of Land near Ebbw Vale - “Due to confidentiality reasons, we cannot reveal details of the land agreement with the Duke of Beaufort.”

                                                      Land to the People

Aflonyddwch Mawr says we have recently covered absentee landlord the Duke Of Beaufort's treatment of the graziers on the Mynydd Y Gwair where he supports a Wind Farm here, which is against the interests of 120 Graziers, but now he is not just robbing the Welsh people of Swansea and the Gwair of their Land now he is to make a Land killing in Ebbw Vale and robbing the people of Gwent  :

A spokesman for the Heads of the Valleys Development Company said:

 “Due to confidentiality reasons, we cannot reveal details of the land agreement with the Duke of Beaufort.”

Aflonyddwch Mawr says when will the people of Wales say Adfeddiant - Cymrwch Y Tir Yn OL .

When will our whisper at Aflonyddwch Mawr become a roar of the People of Wales who have had enough of their Land being owned by absentee English Aristocrats and The British Crown and extracting money from the Welsh Peoples resources for centuries?

One of Britain’s wealthiest landowners stands to make millions of pounds if controversial plans to build a £280m motorsport racetrack in Wales go ahead, we can reveal.

The Duke of Beaufort, a sixth cousin once removed of the Queen, had estimated wealth in land of £135m in 2008.

The Duke of Beaufort owns the stretch of moorland above Ebbw Vale where the Circuit of Wales track would be built.

The Heads of the Valleys Development Company also wants a commitment from the UK Treasury to underwrite it by up to a further £20m.
The programme also aired concerns about whether the promised 6,000 jobs could be delivered.
At the centre of the developer’s plans is an ambition to bring the world-famous MotoGP rally to Ebbw Vale in September 2015. Yet details of the scheme’s backers have not been revealed and work on the site has not yet commenced.
Now a professional source with knowledge of the project has spoken about a further area of concern.
The source said: “The plan is to build the track and other commercial elements on 850 acres of land owned by the Duke of Beaufort.
“In its current state as moorland, the land is worth very little – around £100 an acre. But if it is sold for development its value will increase dramatically, and the Duke would stand to get millions of pounds for it.
“That would be all very well if there was no public money involved. But it seems that the Welsh Government is contemplating putting in £30m with a further £20m in underwriting by the UK Government.
“Government grants are usually only given to projects when their contribution makes the difference between a scheme that will create a lot of jobs going ahead or not. As a taxpayer, I for one would not be happy to see potentially millions of pounds of public money being paid to a wealthy landowner like the Duke of Beaufort because of a huge increase in the value of the land made possible by the public sector’s involvement in the project.”
North Wales Conservative AM Antoinette Sandbach, who asked the Wales Audit Office to undertake a report on the Circuit of Wales plan, said:

“I am very concerned at the lack of scrutiny this project is being subjected to because of the Economy Minister’s refusal to answer Freedom of Information and Assembly Questions I have submitted on the grounds of commercial confidentiality. Local authorities across Wales are imposing big cuts on services because the Welsh Government says it has to cut back, but they are considering giving £30m to a project without having undertaken due diligence.”
A Welsh Government spokesman would only say: “This is a matter for the developer.”
A spokesman for the Heads of the Valleys Development Company said: “Due to confidentiality reasons, we cannot reveal details of the land agreement with the Duke of Beaufort.”

Source : Wales Online


Sunday 16 March 2014

Thoughts on the Myndd Y Gwair - the visible and the invisible struggle of Welsh People by Nickglais

Swansea last week was the scene on a government enquiry in the land rights of 120 commoners on the Myndd Y Gwair who depend on the area for their hefted flocks of sheep and cattle.

They were objecting to RWE building a Wind Farm on their land and disrupting and possibly destroying their livelihoods.

The Freehold of the land belongs to Lord Somerset,the Duke of Beaufort who is a classic absentee landowner of the type that so incensed Irish democrats and nationalists and proved to be the spark that led to the Irish National Liberation struggle.

This English aristocratic family have a long history of landownership in Wales and around Swansea and when Swansea was suffering a cholera epidemic for lack of fresh water some 200 years ago they asked the then Duke of Beaufort for Land for a reservoir for fresh water but he refused.

Ultimately it took an Act of the British Parliament to get the Land off him to give the people of Swansea fresh water. You would have thought that these 120 commoners battling for their land rights against the Duke of Beaufort and RWE with their top draw Queens Council would rouse support from local media - but no media coverage.

Then we have the nationalists of the Plaid Cymru variety, nothing from them, not a whisper - and what of the Swansea Left. quiet has a mouse.

Land and Liberty they have never heard of it !

Then I thought this is the invisible struggle that has been going on in the Land of my Fathers for several hundreds of years and why there is no serious movement for social and national liberation in Wales because those that have power the Crachach and their ilk never want these real struggles to surface - so they just do not exist.

Well the Land issue in Wales underlies all the issues around Windmills and Fracking but these are dealt with has surface phenomena and no real underlying analysis to get to the root causes of Wales Land problems.

Well however small our voice we say Cymrwch Y Tir Yn Ol has we speak for those that have gone before us and those that will come in the future who will proudly stand in Wales for Land and Liberty and erase the shame of servility of the current generation who do not deserve the name Welshmen.


Friday 14 March 2014

S4/C Will Move to Carmarthen

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr welcomes the decision of S4C to move to Carmarthen to reinvigorate the Welsh Language Channel - University of Wales Trinity College and Carmarthenshire has a lot of creative talent that can breath new life into S4C and Welsh TV Broadcasting.

A unique collaboration between a university and a broadcaster is likely to see S4C move its headquarters to Carmarthen in 2018.
For the last 18 months the S4C Authority has been considering whether to stay in Cardiff or move to a new location.
This afternoon S4C Chair Huw Jones announced that Carmarthen had been choosen from a shortlist of two, and that moves to develop a new headquarters will be undertaken in collaboration with University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.
Caernarfon was the other location that reached the final shortlist, and the possibility of keeping the headquarters in Cardiff was also considered.
Mr Jones said: “The members of the S4C Authority have had an opportunity to hear, read and scrutinise the wonderful plans that have been presented to us by two groups with very strong visions. We are very grateful to both of them.
“We agree it is feasible and practical to move S4C's headquarters to Carmarthen, and in line with our conditions, the plans that have been presented to us are cost neutral over a period of 20 years. We are confident that these plans would be beneficial to the service we offer and bring economic and linguistic benefits to Carmarthen. S4C will now work with our partners in the area to try to turn our intention and ambition to reality.”
Around administrative 50 jobs will move from Cardiff to Carmarthen, but transmission related staff will remain in the Welsh capital.

Report in Wales Online

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Nationalist Resistance to Mynydd Y Gwair Windfarm by Gethin ap Gruffydd

  Nationalist Resistance to Mynydd Y Gwair Windfarm began today 12 - 03 - 2013.
you going to join in the struggle against old and new 
 Conquistadores out to exploit our land and desecrate the heritage in the landscape or you just going to sit back and do nothing ? 
One question to all those Nationalists. Socialists and Republicans out there and not least in particular the leadership of Plaid Cymru
I also say this enough of 'Cofia Tryweryn' a struggle of yesteryear, that slogan is pointless if it does not motivate patriots to action in defence of Mynydd y Gwair.

 This area is also called Penlle'r Pebyll as it was here that religious protestant dissidents in the 16th century held secret Mountain services.  That's what I was told, I stand to be corrected. You can get to this location via Felindre, taking road to Garn Swllt, keep eye out for parking space on left with track leading to the downed Trig.
The road planned to take the Windmills to site on Mynydd Y Gwair will pass over Mynydd Y Pysgodlyn via Gopa Hill upon which RWE propose to place their Command post, this will go up first so Patriots make ready for long term protest occupations here and note there is a road from near Fountain Inn (en route to Pontardulais) up to Gopa Hill.
We did it the hard way and walked up via Highland Terrace also reached via a turn off close to the Fountain Inn. This will be a good day out for you and children, Today I clocked loads of Daffodils, Showdrops, Primroses, Catkins, Lambs, Wag Tails and a Red Kite over Cwm Dulais close by Mynydd Pysgodlyn. Sure was a bit of a Nature trail today but great to be out after all the many months of rain enforced imprisonment.


Tuesday 11 March 2014

Queens Counsel verses the Welsh People of The Mawr - English Aristocratic Absentee Landords in 2014 - The Spirit of Glyndwr returns

Today in Swansea was the opening day of a  Public Enquiry into the Commons on Mynydd Y Gwair.

The Mynydd Y Gwair is a vast unenclosed common just 8 miles north of Swansea City.

RWE Innogy UK Ltd are trying to install a Windfarm on this common, the Land is owned by the Somerset Trust on behalf of Lord Somerset, the Duke of Beaufort an English absentee Landlord who benefits from the Windfarm Project.

Some 120 Commoners have grazing rights on this common and today in Swansea they impressively presented their case at a public enquiry of their opposition to the proposed RWE windfarm.

It was display of the superior local knowledge of the Welsh people of the Mawr against the highly paid Queens Counsel from  Eversheds Lawfirm acting on behalf of RWE and whatever the legal outcome the people clearly won the argument against this windfarm project and the QC.

It seems that the Welsh spirit of resistance is reviving with the recent collapse of the Nant Y Moch Windfarm project on the historic site of  Owen Glyndwr battle site at Mynydd Hyddgen.

Owain Glyndwr scored his first major victory in the field at Mynydd Hyddgen on Pumlumon in the Great Welsh War of National  Liberation.

We at Cymrwch Y Tir Yn Ol have always said the Land Question was key to Welsh National and Social Liberation and that Crown Estates and English Aristocratic Estates have no place in Wales the 21st Century.

It was the Land Question that sparked the Glyndwr National Liberation War and it will ignite the next wave of National and Social Liberation in Wales sooner or later.

Clearly the renewed spirit of Owen Glyndwr is about and the exposure and defeat of the Windfarm Scam at Nany Y Moch has revived the spirit of resistance throughout Wales.

Cymrwch Y Tir Yn OL


Thursday 6 March 2014

Welsh Resistance Never Ends - Stryveland Resists

Welsh Resistance his our history and Stryveland is part of that history make it part of our present.