Tuesday 11 March 2014

Queens Counsel verses the Welsh People of The Mawr - English Aristocratic Absentee Landords in 2014 - The Spirit of Glyndwr returns

Today in Swansea was the opening day of a  Public Enquiry into the Commons on Mynydd Y Gwair.

The Mynydd Y Gwair is a vast unenclosed common just 8 miles north of Swansea City.

RWE Innogy UK Ltd are trying to install a Windfarm on this common, the Land is owned by the Somerset Trust on behalf of Lord Somerset, the Duke of Beaufort an English absentee Landlord who benefits from the Windfarm Project.

Some 120 Commoners have grazing rights on this common and today in Swansea they impressively presented their case at a public enquiry of their opposition to the proposed RWE windfarm.

It was display of the superior local knowledge of the Welsh people of the Mawr against the highly paid Queens Counsel from  Eversheds Lawfirm acting on behalf of RWE and whatever the legal outcome the people clearly won the argument against this windfarm project and the QC.

It seems that the Welsh spirit of resistance is reviving with the recent collapse of the Nant Y Moch Windfarm project on the historic site of  Owen Glyndwr battle site at Mynydd Hyddgen.

Owain Glyndwr scored his first major victory in the field at Mynydd Hyddgen on Pumlumon in the Great Welsh War of National  Liberation.

We at Cymrwch Y Tir Yn Ol have always said the Land Question was key to Welsh National and Social Liberation and that Crown Estates and English Aristocratic Estates have no place in Wales the 21st Century.

It was the Land Question that sparked the Glyndwr National Liberation War and it will ignite the next wave of National and Social Liberation in Wales sooner or later.

Clearly the renewed spirit of Owen Glyndwr is about and the exposure and defeat of the Windfarm Scam at Nany Y Moch has revived the spirit of resistance throughout Wales.

Cymrwch Y Tir Yn OL


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