Wednesday 11 May 2016

100 Year On and the Revolutionary Republican Socialist Ideas of James Connolly Live in Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr and Liberation Magazine : Red Salute from Wales - For National and Social Liberation

                           Inside the GPO Building Dublin

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Ukip's Neil Hamilton rallied behind his Welsh Nationalist rivals, voting for Ms Wood for First Minister as one of his first acts since being elected as an Welsh Assembly Member and UKIP Welsh Assembly leader.

That's the reason we despise bourgeois politics because it is unprincipled and opportunist and careerist.

Neil Hamilton has made Plaid Cymru race to the bottom for First Minister job - no brown envelopes required.

Plaid opened the door to UKIP in Wales by Plaid's pro EU stand and UKIP is saying thank you.

We need our Welsh Socialist Republican movement to end this political corruption in that extension of the British state in Wales the Welsh Assembly

We need a Welsh Republican Congress and a principled politics based on the working people's interest in Wales.

We need this more than ever on the 100th anniversary of the execution of Irish Socialist Republican James Connolly

A representative of principled working class politics a dramatic contrast to Plaid's opportunism and careerism.

It could not be more stark.



Good to have this statement from Leanne has her Rhondda voters were not pleased with her getting Ukip and Tory support for First Minister - she denies soliciting their support but the people will judge whether she did or not and if she did she will pay a price

Notice the retrospective denunciation of Tory and UKIP support for her First Minister position - it would have carried more weight if she had said same during vote rather after the Rhondda Roar of disapproval.

"A Plaid spokesman said: “As far as Plaid Cymru is aware, there have been no formal discussions, agreements or deals pursued between any party”. seems informal discussions don't count. 


Friday 13th News For Plaid Cymru 

How to make a problem worse first you deny Plaid Cymru Tory co-operation conversations before First Minister Elections and then the details of the conversations come out !

Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies told BBC Radio Wales on Friday there had been three sets of "substantial" talks involving two AMs from his party and two AMs from Plaid.

@NeilUKIP says that UKIP was approached by Plaid on Monday to back Leanne Wood in the FM vote

Ireland : Latest Statement : Not Guility by Sean Doyle

I did not come here voluntarily. I was summoned here by your court of law. Our struggle for justice, equality and fair distribution of wealth and our natural resources is constantly at variance and impeded by your laws and if there is an exception Leinster House will legislate and make it unlawful.

Criminal to me is homelessness, children sleeping on the streets.

Criminal to me is bailing out banks while people are being evicted from their homes.

Criminal to me is the robbery of our natural resources while children go hungry.

Criminal to me is the Leinster House committee embarrassed and reluctant to collect billions of corporate taxes from Apple and others while the health and other services crumble with a half a million on waiting lists to see specialists.

Criminal to me is to stand by and allow our water to be privatised. Every meter in the ground is a meter closer to privatisation.

Criminal to me is when all our resources are being robbed and our rights as citizens eroded and enforced by your laws.

Criminal to me is in this centenary year they’re determined to grab for private profit the 1916 Moore Street battle site, our heritage as defined in The Proclamation.

Criminal to me is when all the above is deemed to be an accumulated wrong and punishable by your laws.

What and whose interests does this Leinster House committee serve other than the 1%?

If we had a people’s government they would have full power to alter, amend or abolish the laws to protect the property of it’s’ citizens held in obedience to the wishes and interests of it’s’ citizens. If we were truly a free nation the people’s government would have that power. We do not.

The ever increasing void between law and justice will inevitably lead to conflict. This is your court of law representing the 1%. The justice I seek does and could not reside here.

Monday 9 May 2016

Basque - A Language of Mystery

Ireland : Free Sean Doyle Now !



Sean kept in remand till 24th May Court was cleared before Eamon was seen. Garda tried to make another false arrest and illegally seize private property ( a camera) help needed

Our Friend and Comrade Sean Doyle has been jailed for seven days, for peacefully protesting against the privitisation of our water.

Earlier today Sean was one of three citizens assaulted by a parasitic landowner, profiting from the installation of water meters in Wicklow communities.

While that thug is still at Liberty, Sean Doyle will spend the next seven days
in Cloverhill.

No Justice- No Peace!

This is the thug who launched a frenzied, unprovoked attack on peaceful protesting citizens in Kilcoole this morning. T...he attack began with this thug reversing into man, before violently assaulting a female protestor, throwing her on the ground after which the thug attacked Sean Doyle.

All this happened in full view of the so called guardians of peace.

While this thug has yet to be arrested several peaceful protesting citizens have been arrested this morning.

This is life in the 26 county state under a blue shirt government.


Friday 6 May 2016

Analysis of Welsh Assembly Elections

"The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear"

Antonio Gramsci

The total votes cast in Wales are are guide to political psychology in Wales not democratic politics given that only 44/45% of the eligible electorate even voted .

The resistible rise of UKIP in Wales and Neil Hamilton getting into Welsh Assembly show the social pathology even the morbidity of current politics in Wales

On the slightly bright side and despite many political disagreements with her Leanne Wood winning in the Rhondda is a personal triumph for her.

With 1.02m constituency votes counted up slightly from 931,000 in 2011 we can review the state of party politics in wales.

That Labour  lost one seat only is surprising given constituency vote share dropped from 43% to 35% (they still managed to beat opposition to win the seats needed).

Plaid saw small increase in constituency vote share, up from 20% to 21%, earlier YouGov/ITV polling suggests they might have pulled in votes from Labour and the Lib Dems.

The Conservatives saw a small fall in constituency vote share (25% to 21%), with support most likely been lost to UKIP.

Ukip got 12% of the vote, gaining 126.175 votes, up from nothing in 2011 as they had no candidates standing in constituencies, pulling in support from former Conservative and, to some extent, Labour voters.

The Lib Dems vote share dropped from 11% to 8%, with General Election Lib Dems least likely to stick with their previous party, potentially jumping ship to Labour and Plaid.

The Greens upped their vote share from 0.2% to 2.5%, with a total of more than 25,000 votes.

Tuesday 3 May 2016

On this day 100 years ago, Padraig Pearse, the President of the Irish Republic was taken from his cell in Kilmainaham Gaol, led to the Stone Breakers Yard and executed by a British Army firing squad for daring to believe in a sovereign, independent Ireland

On this day 100 years ago, Padraig Pearse, the President of the Irish Republic was taken from his cell in Kilmainaham Gaol, led to the Stone Breakers Yard and executed by a British Army firing squad for daring to believe in a sovereign, independent Ireland.

President Pearse was a poet and author, an Irish language activist, a radical teacher and a barrister. But he was much more then this. Pearse was a singularly dedicated Irish revolutionary, a key member of the IRB and founding member of The Irish Volunteers. Pearse represents the self sacrifice needed to win the revolution.

His work and vision remain unfinished. Our people have been conditioned to be more concerned by X factor or a few pints then the denial of our freedom and sovereignty. Must we wait another 100 years for a free socialist Ireland?

Source: Seamus Costello Facebook Post