Wednesday 2 July 2014

A Welcome Home to John Maclean by Christina Mackie, Kilmarnock 1917

Come along, my comrades, join in the

glad refrain,

And give him a right good welcome,

back to the world again.

With such a pilot at the helm, our mental

ship to steer,

We’ll face the stormy elements without a

flinch or fear.

But John has gone from us awhile, to

have a peaceful rest,

And wander by the silvery sea with them

that love him best:

So wait until summer with its flowery

season pass,

Then rally round our hero-stern fighter

for his class.

His children went to bed each night, to

dream about their dad:

His wife sat down beside the hearth, so

lonely and so sad,

And listened for his footsteps; but, alas,

‘twas all in vain,

For prison walls were strong and high

that guarded John MacLean.

And we, the rebels, who took part in this

outrageous fray,

Congratulates ourselves that we have surely

won the day.

So let us raise the people’s flag, wherever

we may roam,

For all, the Clyde deported men are now

at Home, Sweet Home.

We smile, and ponder o’er the farce that

memorable day,

When wise men of the ruling class did

meet in great display,

To hail the mighty conqueror; but he

could not subdue,

The men who claim the right to think and

speak as men should do.

And so they set themselves the sham

affairs to spoil:

In dongarees and faces grim, and horny

hands with toil,

They marched along from street to street,

their purpose to make known;

The freedom of the city they transferred

from GEORGE to John.

Now let us stop this bloody game and

hush the cannon’s roar,

And beat the swords to ploughshares and

practice war no more.

The nations of the earth shall then be free

from shot and shell,

Free from this ghastly horror, reckoned

the mouth of hell.

Here let us pledge ourselves anew, with

heads uncovered swear,

In all the fights for Freedom we will

gladly take our share.

And surely we must triumph in this most

noble plan:

To usher in the Social State, the Brother-

hood of Man.


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