Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Idris Davies "Who loves not the land of his birth"

Who loves not the land of his birth

Should hide himself in the earth

Who loves not these derelict vales

Is no true son of eternal Wales.

Who curses not the vandals crime

Is the simple pawn of lust and time

Who learns no lesson from history

Sleeps in the slough of slavery


 "I am a socialist.

That is why I want as much beauty as possible in our everyday lives, and so I am an enemy of pseudo-poetry and pseudo-art of all kinds.

Too many 'poets of the Left', as they call themselves, are badly in need of instruction as to the difference between poetry and propaganda ...

These people should read William Blake on Imagination until they show signs of understanding him.

Then the air will be clear again, and the land be, if not full of, fit for song."

Idris Davies

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