Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Announcing Second Congress of the Welsh Socialist Republican Movement - July 2019

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr as part of of our plan to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Anti Investiture protests in Wales  convened the Second Congress of the Welsh Socialist Republican Movement in July 2019.

Populism or Mass Line in  Welsh National Movement  Politics ?

The rise of Left and Right Populism in the Welsh National Movement is a sign of short term political opportunism and not a principled road to Welsh independence.

When we look at the Welsh National Struggle and its leadership  or the broader movement  we increasing see competition of the lowest common denominator – not a raising up of a principled Welsh Independence politics but its debasement.

Being all things to all men and women the core of Populist Politics lowers rather than raises the people's democratic abilities and powers.

In October 2016 at our First Welsh Socialist Republican Congress we called for an education campaign in Wales on the necessity of a Welsh Banking system and a Welsh Bank Act – we called for mass Movement on the Questions of Welsh Water and Land and Acts to protect our Welsh Resources.

A true understanding of these political questions will win people to support Welsh Independence - but work has to be done for people to come to that conclusion.

We have to raise the level of political discourse not lower it.

We have pointed out that Independence like the term Socialism have been emptied of their content by  multiple misuse of these terms and mischievous opportunists exploit this fact especially the new brand of Welsh Fascists.

We took the opportunity in our 2016 Congress to define what we mean by these terms – the loose use of these terms by Populists can make them  mean all things to all people and provide the political base for opportunism of electing people who can do anything they want because we never really defined what they should achieve or stood for in the first place.

If there are no mass movements on Banking, Water and Land in Wales then there is nobody to call to account whatever political representatives are elected under the Independence banner – we do not want free agents or representatives but direct democracy of the people so we can replace opportunists who serve themselves and not the people as soon as they raise their ugly head.

We want Mass Movements and the Mass Line NOT Populism

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Owain Glyndwr - Our Eternal Commander

Remembering the 16th September 1400 and the Welsh National Uprising led by Owain Glyndwr

Remembering Glyndŵr - Heather Jones - 16th September Welsh National Uprising


Bore niwlog ar waun,
mae cynnwrf yn y goedwig -
swn cleddyfau yn taro yn y wawr.

Daw yr haul i sychu'r gwaed
ar gyrff y brwydwyr ffyddlon,
ambell un yn gelain ar y llawr.

Glyndwr, Glyndwr,
ac mae lleisiau'r milwyr dewr yn codi stwr.
Glyndwr, Glyndwr,
ac mae lleisiau'r milwyr dewr yn codi stwr.

Trwy y wlad mae'r fyddin gref yn ymladd a chynhyrfu,
clywch yr atsain ym mhob dref a chwm.
Does dim cwsg i'r rhai sydd nawr yn brwydro dros iawnderau.
Ceisio dial tynged pobloedd llwm.

Glyndwr, Glyndwr,
ac mae lleisiau'r milwyr dewr yn codi stwr.
Glyndwr, Glyndwr,
ac mae lleisiau'r milwyr dewr yn codi stwr.

Owain yn dy garchar, wyt ti'n aros am yfory
pan fydd cyrff dy filwyr eto'n rhydd?
Pan ddaw'r bore arwain fi drwy'r wlad a thrwy'r dinasoedd,
arwain fi i'r frwydr gyda thi.

Glyndwr, Glyndwr,
ac mae lleisiau'r milwyr dewr yn codi stwr.
Glyndwr, Glyndwr,
ac mae lleisiau'r milwyr dewr yn codi stwr.

English Translation:
A misty morning on the moor,
there's commotion in the forest -
the sound of swords striking in the dawn.

The sun will come to dry the blood
on the loyal fighters' bodies,
some lying dead on the ground.

Glyndwr, Glyndwr,
and the brave soldiers' voices create uproar.
Glyndwr, Glyndwr,
and the brave soldiers' voices create uproar.

Through the land the strong army fights and agitates,
hear the echoes in each town and valley.
There is no sleep for those who are now fighting for rights.
Trying to avenge the fates of poor folk.

Glyndwr, Glyndwr,
and the brave soldiers' voices create uproar.
Glyndwr, Glyndwr,
and the brave soldiers' voices create uproar.

Owain in your prison, are you waiting for tomorrow
when the bodies of your soldiers will once again be free?
When the morning comes lead me through the land and through the cities,
lead me to battle by your side.

Glyndwr, Glyndwr,
and the brave soldiers' voices create uproar.
Glyndwr, Glyndwr,
and the brave soldiers' voices create uproar.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Carmarthenshire conference highlights issues facing Welsh rural economy

Cllr Cefn Campbell said around 1,000 young people per year were leaving the county, and that a large number of these were Welsh speakers from rural communities.

“De-population is an enormous challenge,” he said.


The right wing has a obsession with inward migration to Wales which it sees as the source of all problems, while always missing the main problem in Wales that of the neo liberal capitalist economy which drives many of the most able and resourceful young people into outward migration from Wales.

Wales is the second poorest country in Western Europe after Portugal with a GNP per capita that is unfavourable to that of Greece.

The focus on the immigration into Wales takes the focus away from the more fundamental question of Welsh Depopulation.

It is comparable to focusing on symptoms rather than of the main cause of illness of the patient.

In Wales the problem is the terminally ill neo liberal capitalist economy and immigration is just one of its many symptoms.

The Welsh population is ageing and the productive working population is shrinking, therefore there is an urgency to fighting depopulation in Wales which none of those parties that participate in representative democracy in Wales have so far seriously addressed.

A quarter of the Welsh population will be 65 or over by 2030, compared to 22% for the UK average.

The representative parties in Wales represent themselves.This should be no surprise and was clearly seen by the early Greek Democrats thousands of years ago, which was why they favoured direct democracy over representative democracy.

It is time for a new real democracy in Wales - Direct Democracy.

The question of an ageing population and a shrinking productive population has been tackled by some capitalist economies like the Japanese by promoting inward migration and that can only contribute to a solution to the problem on a temporary basis.

We at the Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr propose to tackle this problem by a series of economic measures to stop Welsh depopulation - a more permanent solution to the problem.

Welsh Depopulation and measures to overcome it, are at the center of the politics of the Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr 

Among the measures we recommend in the fight against depopulation is the passing of Welsh Land Act which will transform Wales from being a country with very low percentage of Welsh people owning their own land into a country like the Irish Republic where a much higher percentage of Welsh people owning their own land.

Land ownership in Wales was identified by Kevin Cahill as early as 2003 in Who Owns Britain as being one of the underlying causes of rural and urban poverty in Wales.

The Welsh Land Commission established by a Welsh Land Act would give priority to provide land for Township and Village Enterprises along the successful model of Chinese economic development.

Apart from the development of a Welsh Land Act - Welsh Economic development would require the development of a Welsh Banking system with a Welsh Community Bank at the core of the system.

It would be supported by Welsh Banks for Rural and Urban Development.

Therefore we at the Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr also call for Wales Bank Act to implement this development.

These banks would have public service mandates and be owned by the people of Wales and would not be allowed to speculate - we can learn the lessons from the Icelandic Banking collapse here to ensure a Welsh Banking system would be both transparent and accountable.

For those who think that Wales could not support its own Banking system - Iceland has its own banking system and currency with a population lower than Cardiff.

With Land and Capital in the hands of the Welsh people we have the real possibility of regeneration of the Welsh Economy in the 21st Century.

Land and Capital should be made available to resource processing industries in rural areas rather than just seasonal tourism as a way of combating depopulation.

Norway or example has high energy processing projects in the countryside which we could study.

There have been various successful schemes against depopulation in Europe but they have relied heavily on tax concessions and seasonal promotion of tourism, we want to put the emphasis on processing raw materials from Wales to lessen the historic colonial relationship with England which has seen Wales a source of raw materials to be processed in England.

We want to establish relations of equality with the English Nation and this calls for a restructuring of the economic relationship between Wales and England.We want a relationship based on mutual benefit with the working people of England not one based on an unequal colonial or imperial relationship.

With the tools of a Wales Land Act and a Wales Bank Act - Land and Capital combined with the Labour of the Welsh people would arrest Welsh national decline and start the Renaissance of a new democratic Wales,

A Welsh Socialist Republic

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Welsh Proto Fascism has a face - Third Position Syncretism of Ein Gwlad

The Face of Welsh Third Position Syncretism - Flirtations with Alt Right Populism - The Opportunist comedy of errors.

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr has studied Third Position Syncretism for many years in our struggle against Fascist and Nazi movements in Europe ,  - it is now advocated proudly by Ein Gwald the new emergent proto fascist movement in Wales.

Third position syncretism is advocated by Alexander Dugin of Russia known as 4th political theory  - it is the beyond left and right mantra of Alex Jones of Infowars in the USA and US Alt Right Populism it is also Proto fascist - a precursor - not yet the full fascism because Fascism still remains profoundly unpopular throughout the World and in Wales.

Fascist  movements had a hard time after the Second World War after the defeat of  of Nazism  and tried recreating themselves based on the theories of Italian Fascist Julius Evola which tried to move from pure Nazi"scientific"racism to ethnic rootedness and is associated with "spiritual racism" and extreme misogyny.

Ethno nationalism of the white kind loved by Steve Bannon rather than civic nationalism was the credo of these reinvented fascists although we have noticed how Alt Right originator Richard Spencer in USA and Steve Bannon say to support civic nationalism tactically as a way to get into their beloved ethno nationalism and racism - a return ultimately to the infamous Nuremberg Blood Laws - Spencer will agree but Bannon is shamefaced about blood laws and washes his hands of the consequences of his rhetoric.

We have noticed attacks on Cultural Marxism that right wing construct and straw man coming from Jack O North of Ein Gwlad  - he is profoundly ignorant of Marxism and his scribbles on the question show - they do not rise to the level of an article.

We had an expert on Marxism and Culture in late Professor Raymond Williams in Wales and we are proud to have known this great son of Wales and learnt from him about socialism and the national question.Pity that Royston Jones did not learn from this literate Welshman instead of from Fascist scribblings and Nazi obscenities about Marxism.

                    Royston Jones - A Face of Welsh Fascism

Well  the Welsh Political Scene has not seen real flirtations with real Fascism since 1930's and that was tragic and an error - if we are in for Act 2  it will not just be tragedy but farce of the arse Royston Jones aka Jack o North.

Gwyn Wigley Evans another proud promoter of Third Way Syncretism - Proto Fascism aka political cretinism.

PS : Not to forget Ein Gwlad's Syncretic pathetic Dr Stephen Morris from Wrexham promoter of Poland as a model for Wales - as if we had not exported enough of our youth - we have to emulate the Polish Capitalist Model - see our article on Depopulation and Wales an antidote to his pathetic nonsense.