Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Political Psychology of the General Election in Wales by Nickglais

Wales Election Results 2015

Labour            552,473
Conservative  407,813
UKIP              204,360
Plaid Cymru   181,000

The Welsh Election Results tell us much about the political psychology and a little about the  principles or theories held by people who live in Wales if we examine the numbers closely.

We urgently require a more profound revolutionary understanding of the political psychology of Welsh voters and why people vote against their own objective class and national interests in Wales.

What makes Welsh people open to manipulation by both mass media and all political parties and British institutions ?

We must begin to answer these questions if we are to have prospect of developing a mass line for Wales.

If the aspirations of a new Welsh Socialist Republican Movement  avant garde are to be in tune with the aspirations of the overwhelming majority of Welsh people.

The 552,473 Labour voters in Wales on the positive side voted for what they perceived as a class interest in the manner of Old Labour in the 2015 Election in Wales and for austerity lite.

However this old capitalist social democratic trap for those with socialist aspirations is still alive a well in Wales and has a repetitive mesmerising effect on the Welsh working class which must be broken.

Wales lacks a Radical Independence Movement as well as nation wide politicised collective of cultural activists which underlay Scottish National Party success against Scottish Labour and until such a new movement is mobilised in Wales Labour hegemony will be unbroken..

The 407,813 conservative voters in Wales is a very major problem for us socialist radicals as they project themselves as a Unionist Party and even reject the Liberal Imperialist "Home Rule all Round" politics.

The Conservative Party is a party of the rich but are successful not only among the middle classes but also with some sections of the working class and have been so since Disraeli when a section of the working class identified itself totally with British Imperialism.

Look at the question of forthcoming General Picton militaristic celebrations in West Wales - who will confront these celebration of militarism and conservatism and British Imperialism in Wales ?

We have to tackle the roots of pro British Imperialist ideology in Wales to uproot conservatism.

We must bring forth a People's History of Wales that illustrates the anti democratic  character of British Nationalism and British Imperialism and try to neutralise or win over these Conservative voters for  an authentic Welsh national cause rejecting British Nationalism - bring an end to Cambrio Brit History promoted in Wales from the Tudors onwards.

The 204,360 people in Wales who voted for the United Kingdom Independence Party were a mixture of little Englanders in Wales to outright  racists as the foreigners and aids psychological sub text from Nigel Farage was akin to the Hitler and Syphilis sub text of 1930's.

UKIP appeals to the Labour voter as much as the Welsh anti European Tory and in Merthyr they attracted "social imperialist pseudo left wingers" with its British Imperialist ideology - UKIP came second in the popular vote in Merthyr.

The 181,000 People who voted for Plaid Cymru were it base linguistic area and its message of Home Rule did not inspire or even promote an Independent Wales as in Scotland from the Referendum onwards independence remains the issue despite tactical denials by SNP..

The fact that Plaid Cymru  was essentially politically static is due to the fact they have succumbed to safe electoralism  and  do not want to risk anything for the  idealism of Independence and Socialism which we recently pointed out here.

From the Plaid Cymru spin you would think they had a great victory securing their base linguistic areas and becoming the fourth place political party in Wales and they appear politically insensible to the rising challenge the Tories and UKIP bring to our class and national survival..

The 97,000 votes for the Liberal Party in Wales comes from sections of the Welsh middle class the rump of the Liberal Imperialists left over from Tom Ellis and Lloyd George - their message in Wales as to some degree been appropriated by sections of Plaid Cymru who seem more comfortable with Home Rule than Independence.

Time to Light up the Sky - Forward to the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress and opening the road to Independence and Socialism in Wales.

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