Friday, 8 May 2015

Dark Clouds in Wales but the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress will Light Up The Sky

The Conservatives make more gains in Wales - another three seats - The Ultra British Nationalist UKIP polls more votes than Plaid Cymru in Wales but thank God has not won any seats. Time for strategic thinking and the blending of the class and national struggle - we have a Wales to Win for National and Social Liberation we have to lift the dark clouds on the horizon and be bold and courageous and speak from the heart as Michael Sheen counselled us but be guided by our head. Yr Aflonyddwwch Mawr was never part of the election circus as the struggle for Welsh Independence goes on before and after and in spite of Elections but small as we are we have big ideas and our Welsh Socialist Republican Congress will light up the sky in 2015 and clear the path for Independence and Socialism in Wales.

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