Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The outrage of Welsh Water being supplied to Seven Trent Water for 5p a year for 999 years.

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr praises Plaid Cymru and in particular Jonathan Edwards MP when they do things right like exposing the insult to democracy posed by the West Brechfa Windfarm.

Jonathan Edward is on form again exposing the scandal surrounding how Welsh Water was lent water to Severn Trent Water at a scandalously low rate of 5p a year for 999 years.

This outrage illustrates  the colonial relationship between England and Wales is alive in 21st century and all the pseudo left denial of this colonial relationship cannot hide these facts of Welsh water at 5p a year for 999 years to Seven Trent Water.

Here are the comments of Jonathan Edwards

"The water of Wales may not match Scotland’s oil in terms of wealth, but it is a resource with value and the people of Wales should receive a fair return.

Although the upcoming Water Bill intends to leave Dwr Cymru—or Welsh Water—intact, Severn Trent Water cuts a swathe into Welsh territory, and could mean that the water of Wales is extracted for vast profit in future.

With Gulf state sovereign wealth funds looking to buy Severn Trent Water and clearly seeing it as an investment opportunity for the future, Wales and its people should not be left at a disadvantage.

Full territorial integrity should be recognised, and it should be for the people of Wales to decide what happens to the water of Wales through our democratic institution, the National Assembly for Wales.

It is therefore crucial that full control of water is devolved to Wales. It is a continuing disgrace that the Labour Government cynically blocked full devolution of water policy in the Government of Wales Act 2006, leaving the power of veto with London Ministers.

Full control over water would finally end the grossly unfair system enshrined in the Water Act 1973, and perpetuated by the 2006 Act, in which water was lent to Severn Trent Water at a scandalously low rate of 5p a year for 999 years and the Secretary of State for Wales was empowered to overrule the National Assembly for Wales on matters of Welsh water supplies to England"

Source: http://www.jonathanedwards.org.uk/araith-dadl-natural-capital-wales-england?lang=en

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