Thursday, 17 October 2013

Newport Council Don't Work for Us

In his letter to yesterday's Argus, Jonathan T Clark writes:
 "The destruction of the Chartist mural in Newport is symptomatic of the contempt with which the inhabitants of the city are held by the Labour-run city council. Few people are against redevelopment but it should be sustainable and sympathetic to the needs of the city.
The failure to work with local small businesses in Newport over the years has done great damage to the local economy.
There is a need to do something different, yet another shopping centre, which promises much but may deliver little of lasting benefit, to sit alongside the as yet to be filled Kingsway Shopping Centre will not help matters much.
Any shopping development should contain retail opportunities for small local businesses as money spent in local businesses circulates three times longer than money spent in UK national chains.
Simply filling the development with chains means that what local money is spent will get hoovered up and vanish out of the local economy as rapidly as possible.
Redevelopment should not be something that is done to a town, rather it should be something that is done for a town."

"Plundered is my country, violated, raped" Alexander Cordell

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