Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Newport City Council - Democracy or Bureaucracy ? The Truth will Out

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr says that Newport Council is continuing to obstruct people getting to the truth of the demolition of the Chartist Mural see interview below in the South Wales Argus.This public statement already contradicts the statement of Councillor Charles Ferris on Saturday.

Newport Council is making things get worse for themselves and the people of Newport .

TheTruth will out and no prevarication or Lies or half truths will prevent that.

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr - The Great Unrest Group 10th October 2013

The  South Wales Argus mural questions

NEWPORT council yesterday answered five questions that remained from the ten we put to them on Friday. We present them here with the questions and their answers.

Argus: Was there a link between the date of the demolition and the protest on Saturday?
Council: No.

Argus: Has the demolition contract to prepare for Friars Walk been awarded?
Council: No.

Argus: Can we see the report that priced moving the mural at £600,000 but warned moving the artwork will damage it?

Council: No – it is the intellectual property of the consultants.

Argus: Were cabinet members informed of the demolition work taking place last Thursday?

Council: All councillors have been informed of the timetable for the major demolition works. The works that started last week are part of the preparation works ready for the main contract.

Argus: Who took the decision to go ahead with demolition last Thursday?

Council: The council took the decision.

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