Thursday, 7 June 2018

Neil McEvoy calls first ever short debate in Assembly on Welsh Sovereignty

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr hopes this is not a one minute wonder in an empty chamber and we thank Neil McEvoy for at least trying to raise the question of Welsh Sovereignty.

We are no fans of the Welsh Assembly because it is an extension of the British State in Wales and Welsh Sovereignty is inimical to its existence -it is a British State top down Institution and not a bottom up creation of the Welsh Nation..

We have proposed a Welsh Republican Congress as a counter power to the Welsh Assembly and the Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr put the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress into existence in  2016 as an organisation which could contribute to a Welsh Republican Congress in future.

We would like to think the speech of Neil McEvoy was the opening of a new era of debate on Welsh Sovereignty but such a debate will only arise when Wales has militant social movements on Land and Water and Banking as outlined at the First Congress of the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress in 2016.

The absence of a Welsh Party of Protest - but one of power sharing with the British State - Plaid Cymru - is the death knell of any real approach to the question of Welsh Sovereignty.

You never get Sovereignty on your knees or granted to you - you have to take it unilaterally just like the people of Catalonia did.



  1. A good speech that covered all reasoning as to why it is essential that Cymru 'fights back' on all front to regain Sovereignty. The fact that the chamber was almost empty during it speaks volumes in regards to the attitude of that "Sham Assembly" and its politicians when it comes to Cymric Sovereignty. SHAME ON THEM ALL!

  2. Welsh Sovereignty would mean the end of the Welsh Assemby and creation of new ground up Welsh institution like Welsh Republican Congress - the fact the chamber was empty for this speech confirms that fact.