Friday, 15 June 2018

Cardiff Born and Cardiff Bred - Frank Hennesey

There are two Cardiff's there's the Cardiff of the English lickspittles and the real working class Cardiff  and they get mixed up by people like Frank Hennessy and by Cardiff people themselves.

There is a problem with all erstwhile capital cities they think they are the country they are capital of  - but  they are not - certainly not in Wales.

Cefn Caer where the sword of the Welsh Nation and Glyndwr's Crown reside have more Welsh authenticity even if they are copies than the charade they call that extension of the British State in Wales the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff.

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  1. I love this song and I think Frank has got it 'spot on' here. He is of Irish descent and IS 'Cardiff born and Cardiff bred'. He knows both countries well and has travelled around Cymru 'gigging' since the early 1960's and knows the political backdrop as well an any and better than many. This song, is tonque in check but he has got many songs in regards to social injustices also. I have no problems with people like Frank and Owen Money working for the BBC as they ARE working class and have had to struggle to get their jobs and not had them handed to them on a plate because they happen to be a family member of the crachach bubble and, Frank and Owen have got the best music programmes on Radio Wales because they can relate to REAL people whereas the crachach can only relate to their own class on the whole.