Saturday, 14 April 2018

Who Speaks for Wales ? Carwyn Jones, Labour's First Minister of Wales backs military action against Syria

Mealy Words in subtle clothing below  - Niclas Y Glais

Carwyn Jones, Labour's First Minister of Wales, backed the military action against Syria.

Mr Jones said: "I spoke with the PM late last night about the action in Syria. I offered my support to any intervention that could prevent a further atrocity, but it is vital that any action forms part of a wider long-term plan for the region.

"I have urged the Prime Minister to do all she can to avoid civilian casualties given the complicated picture on the ground in Syria, and she has given me assurances in that regard.

"Our thoughts today are with our service personnel and the people of Syria, who have endured beyond all measure."

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr says Carwyn Jones is not only going against Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the Labour Party in his support for bombing of Syria - but more to the point he his going against the People of Wales who increasingly see through the false pretexts for bombing Syria and hate War by his endorsement of Theresa May's rush to bomb Syria.

From a Poet of profound Welsh Anti War feelings I offer this poem to Carwyn Jones who offers mealy words in subtle clothing in defense of bombing of Syria above.

And when you pray and pray I cannot listen,
Your silky hands, so steeped in blood, I dread,
From holy altar's, easeful shade I hasten
When on the upward steps I hear your tread.
You dress your mealy words in subtle clothing,
You bless the dogs of war with priestly cant,
I loathe you with an everlasting loathing,
Arch-hypocrite and royal sycophant.
Humanity in need can wait no longer,
And you like foolish mummer on bent knee –
The blood and fat of ox won't feed my hunger –
While untold corpses litter hill and lea.
Your paws are red with blood, you fleshy knave,
Who panting runs with beast of primal cave.

Nicholas of Glais, one of the sonnets written while he was in Swansea and Brixton prisons for his anti-war activities.


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