Thursday, 26 April 2018

From Galician Comrades - HONOR Y GLORIA A LOS COMBATIENTES DE GADCHIROLI! - Partido Comunista maoísta da Galiza

Comité de Construcción del Partido Comunista maoísta da Galiza.
Galiza 25 de abril de 2018


From the Construction Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galiza we want to show our condolences and all our solidarity with the families of the combatants killed in Gadchiroli,
as well as to all the comrades of the heroic People's Liberation Guerrilla Army and the Maoist Communist Party of India.

If the Hindu fascist and genocidal government of Modi believes that with the death of these comrades has given a coup de grace to the glorious People's War, is very wrong, of every drop of blood shed of these heroes of the people will grow a new fighter to continue the People's War until Communism.

As the Ayacucho song "Flor de retama" reminded us:

"The blood of the people
it has a rich perfume;
it smells like jasmine, violets,
geraniums and daisies;
to gunpowder and dynamite.

Gunpowder and dynamite!
Oh, fuck!
Gunpowder and dynamite! "

Honor and Glory to the fighters of Gadchiroli !!!
Live the Glorious People's War in India !!!
People´s War until Communism!!!
Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism !!!

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