Thursday, 25 May 2017

Solidarity with Welsh Socialist Republicans from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr - The Welsh Socialist Republicans have received a communication from our Venezuelan comrades - we salute their momentus struggle in Venezuela and deeply appreciate their message of solidarity with us timed to co-incide with the Merthyr Rising Weekend .

Our Social Movements of the Alba and The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela  show their support to Welsh Socialist Republican Movement  in the struggle for the unity of the peoples against capitalism and the neoliberal policies that exclude and generate poverty.

We Show our solidarity  together with the Venezuelan people which opened a new era for people who dream and fight for a just and worthy world to be lived by all and all.

These are times of crisis, transitions, explicit uncertainty and sustainability of the world capitalist system, times where in some central countries xenophobic messages are raised and it is intended to blame the peoples who have paid throughout history the way of life exorbitant And unmeasured by those minorities who believe they are the owners of the planet earth.

For all of this  it is important to be united  and our present fightings and longed for future freedom are possible thanks to our history as a people,  the Welsh Socialist Republican Movement has to stand as a beacon that illuminates the emancipatory possibilities of humanity. 

Strengthening the socialist flame, not only for the Welsh Republic but for the whole world.

Long live the Welsh Socialist Republican Movement.. 
Long live the Venezuelan people! 
Long live Fidel! 
long live Chavez  the fighting continues!

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