Saturday, 20 May 2017

Sean Doyle speech to the Court in Bray - Ireland on the 16th May 2016 - We must make a stand for our water. : Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr says Wales must Defend its Water - emulate Irish Comrades

"First and for most we reject being addressed as protesters, we are protectors.

The people of Ireland are the owners of the wealth and resources as defined in the 1919 declaration and paid for with the blood of our freedom fighters and the tears of their mothers.

Or as Mellows said, the wealth and resources belongs to the people and must not be for the enrichment of any individual or class.

We as members of Citizens against Privatisation, stand proudly in defence of that right.

We have witnessed the robbery of so much that belongs to the people, our gas, our oil, our fisheries, our minerals.

We must make a stand for our water.

Every meter in the ground is a step closer to privatisation.

I must also address this question of an individual who wishes to have a meter.

While we fully support the right of the individual up the point, that it adversely effects the rest of society.

The right of the individual is then secondary to the public right and welfare.

And finally I wish to state we will continue to stop the metering as we will not allow our water to be added to the long list of theft."

Yr Aflonydddwch Mawr Salute Republican Socialist comrades in Ireland for making a stand against robbery of Irish Natural Resources.

In October 2016 Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr joined the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress and put the question of Welsh Water as a key part of our new national struggle.

Here is the Speech to the Congress on Welsh Water as part of the Welsh Socialist Republican Strategy for the National and Social Liberation of Wales

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