Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Welsh Socialist Republican Congress stands for Welsh Independence and Socialism

                       Introducing the Resolution on Independence and Socialism

Resolution adopted at First Congress of Welsh Socialist Republican Congress

The  Welsh Socialist Republican Congress stands for Welsh Independence and Socialism

Welsh Independence

The Welsh Socialist Republican Congress stands for Welsh Independence, we do not agree that Wales is a mere principality of England but a sovereign Nation.

We stand for Welsh Independence as it is the only way to restructure the relationship between two unequal nations the Welsh and English Nations from one of domination by England to one of equality and mutual respect.

The road of the Home Rulers of Constitutional changes and a Welsh Assembly is nothing more than a new management arrangement for the continued domination of Wales by the British State.

We look to the separation of Norway from Sweden as a model of how new relationship between a once dominant nation and subordinate nation was turned into one of mutual equality and respect following Norwegian Independence.

Independence is a prerequisite of a new long term amicable relationship as the Norwegian case has proved.

Continued domination of Wales by the British State no only damages Wales but ultimately the harmony between English and Welsh working people.

Welsh Socialism

Socialism is an idea that was born in Wales and Ireland at the beginning of the 19th Century.

The first socialist was an Irishman called William Thompson from County Cork - he was also called a communionist in the vernacular of the time because he did not believe in a competitive market road to socialism.

Robert Owen also called a socialist took the view that the stock market would aid the road to socialism and ultimately his views came to dominate the Labour Party and are associated with Labour Party reformist politics.

While Owenism led to the Labour Party the ideas of William Thompson  influenced Marxism and the Irish Socialist Republican Party of James Connolly.

Thompson's and Connolly's ideas further inspired John Maclean in Scotland

The Welsh Socialst Republican Congress is very much in the revolutionary tradition of William Thompson and James Connolly and John Maclean who see independence and socialism as part of the same process of social liberation.

Bringing the stream of  thought of Independence with that  of Socialism is the task of the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress in the 21st century

Today 700,000 people in Wales out of a population of three million live in or below poverty line , this is after a 100 years of the Owenite Reformist Labour Party.

In 21st Century Wales we need a new revolutionary political strategy and direction based on the ideas of William Thompson, James Connolly and John Maclean - that is revolutionary socialism combined with national liberation from the British State.

The Welsh Socialist Republican Congress in the business of ideas, not events or personalities because it is ideas that will shape the future of Wales and bring about about an economic and cultural renaissance.

Join the new revolutionary stream in Welsh Politics that will turn into a mighty river of National and Social Liberation  into the Welsh Socialist Republic in the 21st Century.

Join The Welsh Socialist Republican Movement Now !

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