Wednesday 2 November 2016

The Policies of the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress

Resolution adopted at the First Welsh Socialist Republican Congress

The Policies of the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress

The  policies  of the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress  are an integral part of our strategic aim of an Independent Welsh Socialist Republic  which we see as social process over many years rather than just one single event.

National Community Bank for Wales

We consider any talk of Welsh Independence that does not address the question of a community public banking system for Wales as irresponsible - a Welsh Public Banking system is at the core of our demands to build an Independent Socialist Wales.

Every 24 hours money from Wales flows into the big Five British Banks to be be on deposit in City of London overnight - we want that money to stay in Welsh Banking System to aid Welsh national local and community development.

We will support legal changes to  create  a National Community Bank of Wales through a Welsh Banking Act.

Land Act for Wales

We want all Royal Lands owned in Wales by British Monarchy to be returned to the Welsh People - this demand is not limited just to the Crown Estates but to all the Royal family ownership vehicles that operate in Wales.

We call for a Welsh Land Commission to establish the detailed  ownership of Welsh Land and to return absentee or unused Land to local community land trusts for communities to develop.

We call for halt to the sale of Welsh Land by local governments in Wales who are forced to sell public land because of British Government austerity policies.

Welsh Water to be owned by the people.

We call for the end of 999 year agreements to supply water to England for token sums  signed by Welsh Water with English Utility companies - we want Welsh Water brought back into public ownership.

Water is a precious natural resource and one that should be regulated and controlled to benefit the Welsh Economy and not abused by the British Economy as at present.

We demand a Welsh Water Act that puts ownership of Welsh Water into the hands of the people of Wales.

Our Demands are as simple as they are basic

1. Welsh Public Banking System
2. Welsh Land Act
3  Welsh Water Act



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