Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The BNG Reiterates its Opposition the EU, Calling for a Social and Truly Democratic Europe of the Peoples

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr salutes position of BNG in Galizia opposition to EU it being similar to CUP in Catalonia and our Irish Comrades in Eirigi

Following the results of the BREXIT referendum held in the UK on 23 June, the National
Executive of the BNG released a detailed statement stating that the results
reopen the debate on the way the EU functions and essentially stemmed from a
profound democratic criticism of EU policy which has effectively destroyed social
cohesion, favouring the interests of financial capital and large corporations with the
EU working in the dark and in a highly undemocratic way.

The BNG recalled that it has always maintained a critical stance regarding the economic
and social model defended by the European Union, from its opposition to
Spanish membership of the European Economic Community and the Maastricht
Treaty to supporting a No vote in the referendum on the European Constitution

which was also defeated in the referendum in France, another State central to the
European Union.

The thread running through European construction is the fact that it serves the economic
interests of big corporations and oligopolies with negative results for the majority
of society.

It has had dire consequences for Galiza, ranging from the dismantling
of our key productive sectors and the loss of jobs to making it impossible for
us to take full advantage of our economic potential, effectively stunting any kind of
economic development geared to the real needs and possibilities of the country.

As an alternative to the EU which has been clearly damaging for Galiza, preventing
us from achieving improved levels of development and welfare, the BNG has always
supported a Europa based on the democratic will of the nations and peoples which
comprise it: a social and truly democratic Europe. And we believe that this position
is gaining ground today and is more relevant than ever.

Regardless of the reasons behind individual votes, the Executive of the BNG believe
that the BREXIT result will reopen a vital debate on several key issues today, such as
the desire for national sovereignty and the response to political and humanitarian
crises, e.g. refugees.

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