Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Mynydd Y Gwair - Wales never ending battle with German company RWE ( Ruining Welsh Environment)

We reported a Welsh Land Victory after 24 years in the article on Myndd Y Gwair here

However we were premature the German company RWE fought back (RWE stands for Ruining Welsh Environment) and with the aid of that extension of the British State in Wales the Welsh Assembly - against the democratic opposition of the local community RWE are now proceeding with installation of their 16 turbines despoiling our heritage in the land.

 Patriots Gethin and Sian have continued to resist RWE as Welsh people have in this area for hundreds if not a thousand years - these mountains hide the bodies of many Welsh Patriots who fought the Anglo Normans and the RWE turbines will turn into rust and dust before the long wave of Welsh History.

Setbacks we may have but we will never be defeated.

We need a new generation of fighters for our Land and it our hope that the  Welsh Socialist Republican Congress will take up the fallen banner of Welsh Land and re ignite the struggle for Welsh Land and Liberty in the 21st Century.

We have also heard that RWE has a new project to environmentally damage the River Conway in North Wales - we will report on this soon.

Build an All Wales Organisation to fight for Wales - The Welsh Socialist Republican Congress

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