Wednesday, 23 March 2016

From Venezuela to Ireland at Easter by Jesus Rojas and Juan Gil Alvarez

                                              General Daniel Florence O'Leary

The people make their history. Sometimes, they intertwine in time, through glorious deeds and the characters who shape it, with their actions. Although they seem very different, their customs nationalities and events are often interrelated. The fact is that if you understand that the people should rebel against their oppressors who enslaved them, then they should rise up against the bourgeoisie who currently occupy that role. We must understand and reveal the facts so that future generations can learn and understand their circumstances and achieve full liberation.

Latin America seems to be an example even for other countries where according to the so-called 1st world by which is interpreted its history was born with the arrival of Europeans to America, Later in the walk of the people's struggles Che Guevara said in the eyes of the world

"This epic that we have before us is going to be written by the hungry masses of Indians, landless peasants, exploited workers; it is going to be written by the progressive masses, the honest men and brilliant intellectuals who abound in our suffered lands of Latin America”.

In that unconcerted affinity of the people, I venture to locate those of Venezuela and Ireland, beginning in the days of Simon Bolivar, with the embarking of our independence leader, the young man born in Cork, Daniel Florence O'Leary, who would become in one of the most faithful to the Liberator officers, and who also would write his memoirs and even would be devoted to provide data on the physiognomy of our national heroes which have been very useful in the search for truth in times of Bolivarian Revolution. So much was the admiration of the struggles of Bolivar for this hero that his son would be called Simon Bolivar O'Leary.

The 100 years of the uprising Easter calls us to remember, not only the struggles of the Irish people for autonomy, but also highlight the contribution of the brave soldiers in the American emancipation, but, in turn the contribution of the libertarian ideals of America to Europe which was the great legacy of General Bolivar, ambitious when he expressed in his time his intention of going to liberate the people of Spain of the monarchy to establish a truly democratic government in the Iberian peninsula.

The wonderful epic uprising of Easter should be seen in the greatness of the mass organization from the feelings of patriotism against the Overseas oppression, the sacrifice of their leaders and all its actors marks the beginning of a different view of confronting tyranny in all its forms, and although we know that there were not only the names of; Patrick Henry Pearse, James Connolly, and the contribution of Eamon Valera a Latin America-born, are a good starting point to reflect on the interpretation of the succeeding facts.

In Venezuela, was not in the days from 24 to 29 April 1916, but on 27 and 28 February 1989, in which the people spontaneously, the same people as their leader raises his voice in the events of the Caracazo (On Feb. 27, 1989, Venezuelans rose up in spontaneous protests against catastrophic free-market policies.

The uprising, known as the Caracazo or Sacudon, was brought on by soaring poverty and the collapse of living standards. The government responded with brutality, with state violence claiming up to 5,000 lives) against the treacherous system with new forms of colonialism emanating from the world economic order, and this fact brought us to the popular victory with Commander Hugo Chavez, projecting the Bolivarian revolution as a hope for the peoples of the world, which today imperialism world constantly threatens to lead to a momentary setback in elections last December.

The peoples of Ireland and Venezuela each with its peculiarities; one to vindicate the unity and sovereignty over all the Celtic Isle and the other resisting the onslaught of global capital to definitively establish the revolution framed in the Bolivarian doctrine, but, in the end a common goal, the harmonic balance that allows the greatest happiness to future generations.

It will be sounded, then, melodies with Bagpipes and maracas, with cuatro and lyres that make us to remember that in the struggle for peace and justice, in one way or another, they will always be walking together.

"The most perfect system of government is the one that produces the greatest possible happiness, the highest level of social security and the greatest degree of political stability"- Simon Bolivar

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