Friday, 11 March 2016

Euromania Uncovering the EU by Peter Vlemmix

Thinking about Iceland, Norway and Switzerland outside the European Union and their lessons for Wales in 2016.

The Euro crisis is currently being used to create a Neo Liberal Europe before our eyes with European Central Bank (ECB) subsidising corporations by buying corporate bonds and providing cheap money to banks to re capitalise them - but these same banks do not lend to small businesses and individuals to ease the crisis for the people of Europe.

Quantitive Easing for rich is what the ECB is all about.

While the right wing British Populism of the UKIP dominates the European Union debate it is basically hypocritical - they stand for the centralised British State and are against the local democracy with underlies Welsh and Scottish National demands.

At core UKIP is a City of London creation.

We should turn  the demand for British Sovereignty on its head -with demand for Kernow and Welsh and Scottish Sovereignty and expose UKIP's hypocrisy on the democratic question at the heart of the European Union Question.

Switzerland with its direct democracy and Iceland with its anti austerity democratic rebirth and Norway with its sense of community should inspire us to think of an Independent Wales in a new relationship with Europe - all of Europe from Portugal to the Urals.

We need a local public bank a Community Bank of Wales has part of our local democracy for economic regeneration something the Lisbon Treaty makes difficult with its commitment to privatisation and competitive free markets. 


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