Saturday 20 June 2015

Picton Unveiled : Sir Thomas Picton's Injustices Revealed in Carmarthen Meeting : Solidarity Greetings to Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr from Trinidad, Venezuela and Ireland

    Remove Picture of Sir Thomas Picton from Carmarthen Courtroom
    Picton is a by word for injustice and torture and has no place in a  court of justice         

The meeting was also presented with a poem Picton's Veil originally published by John "Jacobin" Jones and Peter Finnerty which resulted in them being accused of seditious libel by Lord Castlereagh in the early 19th century.

See Castlereagh with dauntless front
Who in Hibernia bore the brunt
Of flogging torturing without end
In Soul allied as Picton's friend

Oh ! Fullerton the brave and good
With noble firmness you withstood
Torture and waste of human blood
Long may the god of mercy spare
Thy life unto a country's prayer
Gainst Tyrant Foes to prove her shield
Either in council or in the field.


Solidarity Messages for the Meeting were received from Trinidad, Venezuela and Ireland supporting the removal of Sir Thomas Picton's picture from Carmarthen Courtroom.

The National Workers Union of Trinidad and Tobago extends solidarity to you in your effort to reveal the real Thomas Picton, who far from being a hero, was a leading representative of the British empire who unleashed a reign of terror in Trinidad in the early years of the nineteenth century and is held in our part of the world to be an able representative of naked imperialism built on slavery, colonialism and economic exploitation. Keep up the good work!

Gerry Kangalee
Education and Research Officer

Solidarity message from Venezuela from Jesus Rojas

I extend solidarity to you in your effort to reveal the real Thomas Picton, a man who unleashed a reign of terror in Trinidad in the early years of the nineteenth century.

A man who inflicted an inhumane torture on Luisa Calderon who was one of those heroine that like many have suffered humiliation and injustice by oppressive regimes.

Today justice is asked by the many Luisa Calderon so that every day are forged in the struggle for the emancipation of their people..

One of the historian's responsibilities is to make such individuals better known to people of the present day, to rescue them from the "oblivion" or forgetfulness of history.
Keep up the good work......

Solidarity message from Ireland to Saturday Meeting from Belfast

The narrative of Irish Slavery in the West Indies and the United States remains an untold narrative as does the narrative of Native American tribe members who were also shipped as slave labour to the Carribean.

The extent of the cruelty and suffering of the enslaved, African, Native American and Irish peoples in the Carribean has only recently came to attentions of historians. Some historians seek to justify or even deny that cruelty and injustice existed, and that the Irish were merely indentured servants. They were without doubt in the complete possession of their owners who enslaved, brutalised, raped and murdered those they claim as their property.

We fully support the campaign to have the portrait of Sir Thomas Picton, removed, known the tyrant of Trinidad, his brutality and violent excesses horrified even his peers (a rare feat in in itself) and the British Government had him recalled from his position of prominence to answer to the courts in England for his conduct.

It is wrong that people who, throughout history profited on the misery of others, and are exalted for their promince, and those who suffered remain un named and un remembered. If Sir Thomas Picton is to be remembered it should be for his evil deeds not for any fleeting glory in battle. Remove his offensive picture

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