Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Welsh Independence Struggle - A new initiative ? by Gethin Ap Gruffydd

Just more meaningless fb bravado and a rather pathetic 'knee jerk' response to a post Euro Election disaster for Plaid Cymru as what else would you call the advance of UKIP an 'English Nationalist Party' into a broad sweep across our Eastern Border Lands and possibly now standing ready to advance into the South all together our old medieval 'Marcher Wallia' or if you wish 'Anglicized Wales', Plaid Cymru holds up their successes in the West, that old 'Pura Wallia' otherwise seen by some as 'Cymru Cymraeg' but you know why all this is?

It is largelly down to fact that Plaid Cymru 'Cultural Nationalism' is quite cohesive and strong in those parts due to a verity of historical and contemporary reasons.

Not least a modern Media based 'Collective Cultural Memory' as well as an old Religious 'Collective Cultural Memory' made politically successful much due to above.

But this is not so in 'Anglicized Wales' much missing out on a broad historical 'Collective Memory' and having lost a Social and largely Socialist 'Collective Memory' as for any contemporary Media produced 'Collective Memory' that on whole perpetuated a Sports 'Collective Memory' aka the 'Rugby Nation'.

Other than the above as we know few Welsh People of 'Anglicised Wales' read Welsh Newspapers or watch TV Welsh News, then of course there is the 'hot potato' of another English 'Mewnlifiad' on the way and being pushed our way by what UKIP raises fears of in England (a letter in WM yesterday touched on this).

Whatever, other than the above huge problems that would undermine any future struggle for Welsh Independence, we have the unbelievable failure of Plaid Cymru to face a very grim political future and not coming up with any solutions or get to grip with the fact that their 'Devolution Dilettantism' and 'New Age Green Agenda' aka 'Green Print' has got nowhere but simply added to the decline of a real radical struggle for Welsh Independence over the latter years of the 'New Millenium' and it does not appear if the leadership gives an hoot as it's 'Suits' and 'Careerists' both Political and Cultural go on their merry way leading us nowhere other than to watch over in years to come the demise of Wales as it becomes 'West Britain' and EUUK 'Corporate Colony Cymru'.

The only ones to be in the slightest moved are those we may call the fb' Fringe' and those who still regard themselves as 'Nationalists' still Plaid Cymru members, a number of these are  squealing with concern all of a sudden about 'Welsh Independence' but where were they when in recent times a Welsh Independence Party was set up to be then brought down by WECTU Ways?

Indeed those squealing now are probably doing so from the fence sitting splinters in their bums.

Whatever, there as come out of the Plaid Cymru Cardiff Bay Closet calls for a 'Rallies for Welsh Independence Initiative' which at first sight appears to be a good idea but is it?

Maybe so but only if it takes aboard suggestions made by Sian Ifan of Embassy Glyndwr in Galwad Glyndwr (see link here).

So far, I will go so far as saying that we should all support this 'New Independence Initiative' but the 'Movers' of this need to be more clarified as to what they are exactly up to and where indeed are they heading towards.

Thus the recent Euro Election should really have been an huge wake up call and you should at last be smelling the Coffee and if your really concerned then you will be in Machynlleth on 21 Mehefin 'Dydd Sofraniaeth' to at very least informally discuss this so called 'New Independence Initiative', I would go so far as to say that it's movers and shakers' need to hire a room in Machynlleth as a Platform from which they can explain publicly just exactly what are their 'Independence Intentions'.

As for myself and Sian this politics we will leave to others as we have more than enough on our plate as the Fight to Defend Mawr this Awst plus an huge pile of Archive Work and some unfinished business but we will support any worth while way forward to Welsh Independence as long as it's Fight Not Flight!

In main our  contribution will be working towards the restoration of Senedd Glyndwr - Cenedl Cymru Rydd 2016 and how will that be done, you will see in due course.

hwyl! Gethin.

see also : http://galwadglyndwr.blogspot.co.uk/

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