Thursday, 20 March 2014

A CALL FOR NOTHING LESS THAN TOTAL RESISTANCE - TARO NOL! Graziers verses RWE and Somerset Trust : Report on Inquiry Meeting Today by Gethin ap Gruffydd


Started at 1: pm and soon had to adjourn as RWE was found to be lacking in delivery of a new paper on subject of associated matters (this is getting very complex and taking in so much that the Graziers are running circles around RWE) also they are not distributing these new papers to all concerned or not on time also the Inquiry chair person is not at all happy with all the legal Jargon and use of different names to describe the same thing and nothing at all is very clear on such matters as RWE wanting to start service roads before permission has been given to start the main road, RWE does not want to fence of key boundary areas or put up H&S warning signs etc, etc.
There was  a 15 Minute break for objectors to discuss much they had heard of for first time today and then the Inquiry Chair person decided to call it a day and more or less give  RWE a 'bollocking', she is not an 'happy bunny' and by look s of it favours the objectors but be warned WAG might turn down her recommendations and the Graziers yet could be bought off in a new packaged deal. Thank fully there are a number of non Grazier objectors who are in main opposed to the Wind Farm and hate Beaufort.

By way Cllr Ioan Richards representing people of Mawr give the best comments of day and made a great case against the Somerset Trust and English Aristocrats.
It is here we must focus re the struggle for Land and Liberty against the Somerset Trust for Land and Liberty.
The Inquiry is to now continue in the Summer to annoyance of Graziers who will be busy with their flocks, hopefully we will know what is what in August I then suggest overAugust BH we have a rally on Mynydd Pysgodlyn at  Penlle' Bebyll and possibly set up a Lluest Glyndwr and do some Glyndwr - Gwerin Owain Rambling of these threatened Mountains.
 So we come to know the land of our fight back better than RWE. Let me know if your up for that and spread the message -
I'R Gad!
I call for all out resistance using all means possible, including refusal throughout the whole of Gwyr (Gower) to pay council tax and electricity bills, continuous strike action, legal action, call for judicial review, filing injunctions, protests in large numbers, continuous road blocking by sitting in front of vehicles *, and in general all means available.

From the RWE maps I can see that the entire area will be totally ruined if this illegal destruction goes through.  

In general there is bitter and very deep resentment of this proposal and of the Somerset Trust and Swansea Councils also of WAG Tan * Terrorists.




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