Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Aflonyddwch Mawr: What point or purpose to so called 'Welsh Independence' if we are to become Corporate Colony Cymry

What point or purpose to so called 'Welsh Independence' if we are to becomeCORPORATE COLONY CYMRU and that is where WAG Collaborationist are taking us.

Patriots Become Partisans,
Join the Radical Resistance.

Brwydr Bont Irfon 1282 Lost but the Battle of Mynydd y Gwair 2014 plus is yet to be fought and won, sure it is if you can find the courage to make a real stand and fight of it, well?


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  1. The whole point of Independence is to take political and economic control of your own country. Take a look at what Scotland is proposing in their YES campaign. Without independence we will forever be a colony, open to exploitation from all quarters. The difficulty is persuading a population brainwashed from birth to be good little British subjects, to open their eyes to their true national identity and the colonisation going on around them. An ever-more difficult task, as more and more English settlers entrench themselves in our communities. Where will Wales be 50 years from now? I have serious doubts it will exist other than as a western appendage of England, to be honest. The next twenty years will certainly decide it's fate!