Thursday, 19 December 2013


At this very moment, in Brasil, a massacre is preparing against landless farmers in the State of Rondônia. State and Federal repressive forces are about to assault poor farmers under the pretext they occupy a wildlife reserve. Riots have already taken place and the landless have been victorious from a first eviction attempt.
But a recent statement of the State governor (a big landowner), where he calls the landless farmers ‘hooligans’ and ‘criminals’, didn't bode anything well.
While general capitalist crisis increases, the situation in semi-colonial countries (so-called ‘South’) is getting more and more difficult.
As crisis deepens, imperialist pressure on these countries to harness their resources and monopolize new markets is causing numerous unrests and troubles.
The most apparents are the direct or indirect imperialist interventions of the last years (Lybia, Mali, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Centrafrique etc.), but this also means, for the working classes and peoples of Asia, Africa and Americas, a constant worsening of their social situation, not counting with ecological disasters caused by dantesque explotation of anything able to bring in some dollars or euros.  
Brasil is not an exception to this general situation. Behind the tale of economical growth and ‘emerging country’, mounted by IMF and ruling ‘Workers’ Party, actually lies a tragic situation for most people.
June 2013 people's uprising came to remember us that the ‘BRICS’ group as ‘new powers’ is nothing but a myth.

Football World Cup of 2014 and 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro should complete this propaganda about a Brasil got out of underdeveloment.
But reality is stubborn !
Far from getting out their subordination to imperialist countries, South America's ‘left’ governments actually are the perfect go-between of world monopolist rule.
This results in a concrete worsening of living standards and working conditions, housing rents defying comprehension, galloping inflation, increasing police violence, basic social services in a sorry state or nonexistent, and widespread bribery.
50% of Brazil’s budget is dedicated to repay the huge interests of national debt ; billions are spent in projects to develop infrastructures and facilites for imperialist monopolies whereas hospitals are closed.
The situation in the countryside is far as tragic. The promised Land Reform never came and worse, the repression against farmers' movements increases. Summary executions of farming leaders, common torture by police forces, acts of intimidation, everything is done to spread a climate of terror in the people.
Five millions of rural families have no land to farm and the latifundistas (big landowners) and other big agro-capitalist owners are present in all the State machinery, whereas media monopolies criminalize any form of protest.
Today, with global capitalism, every struggle in the world is intimately linked to the others ; Brasil just as India is a major actor of world economical system. It's one of these World's farms dedicate to supply global merchandized food to the whole planet, so the more revolution will go on in Brazil, the more imperialist will weaken and we'll easily fight it in imperialist countries.
We call all worldwide revolutionaries and genuine progressives to support revolutionary struggles in these countries. We shall get out from ideological euro-centrism ; change comes from these Old World's peripheries, from where the wind of a New World is blowing to the Centers of capitalism.
 We call to support Agrarian Revolution in Brazil and denounce the violences to the People, in particular those current in the State of Rondônia.
We strongly and more than ever call to BOYCOTT the mafia called FIFA and the Football World Cup 2014, just as the future Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro ; and to DENOUNCE so-called ‘left’ Dilma Rousseff government's lies.
We address a brotherly and revolutionary salute to all Brazilian people's fighters, struggling at the risk of their lives for a free and egalitarian Humanity.

All revolutionaries and genuine progressives, organizations but also collectives, websites and other groups are called to sign this solidarity message to struggling Brazilian landless farmers:

Solidarity from:

- Servir le Peuple – Sheisau SorelhAuba Vermelha (Comité de Construction du Parti communiste révolutionnaire des Terres d’Òc, Occitània, État/Prison-des-Peuples "France") [à l’initiative de l’appel]

- revue internationale Maoist Road (du PC maoïste d’Italie, PCmF, PCR Canada etc.)

- Great Unrest Group / Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr (communiste-révolutionnaire de libération nationale, Pays de Galles, État "britannique")
- collectif Feu de Prairie (média pour une culture révolutionnaire, État français)  

- Gran Marcha hacia el Comunismo (maoïste, Madrid, État espagnol) 

- Action antifasciste Aube Champagne-Ardenne (État français)  

- Comité de Construction du Parti communiste maoïste de Galice (Galiza, État espagnol ; site Dazibao Rojo)  

- Libertat! (Gauche révolutionnaire d'Occitanie, État/Prison-des-Peuples "France")  

- Organisation communiste Futur Rouge et Parti communiste maoïste de France (État français) 

- Breizhistance Dieub ha Sokialour (Gauche indépendantiste de Bretagne, État/Prison-des-Peuples "France")

 Odiodeclase - Cantabria État espagnol

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