Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Stop destruction of Newport's Chartist Mural - Sign Petition

The Chartist movement prompted one of the most important political reforms in the UK that acknowledged levels of equality previously denied to many.

This mural celebrates the lives of those lost on that fateful day in November 1839. The loss of this piece of accessible art seems to fly in the face of public opinion. The mural offers a unique insight to the history of the city as well as celebrating the democracy won by the people of Wales for the whole of Great Britain. Its demolition in the name of development is a denial to the historical facts that it so clearly portrays.

It is indicative and representative of the poor town planning and decision making that has been one of the major factors in Newport's decline over the last 10 years or more.

We say no more we will not let you deprive our city, our families,
our children and future generations of their heritage.

We are asking for the mural to be incorporated into the design of the shopping centre this would signal a clear message to the public that the council and the developers were socially aware and respectful of the history of this Welsh city.

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