Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Talu Bils : The Anthem of the Welsh Underclass : Song composed and performed by Rods Evans of Blaenau Ffestiniog

The song Talu bils (paing bills) is of the Bob Marley genre of music and is a reflection of what life is like in Cymru under British rule where industry has been destroyed leaving 5 generations of people without any work or training in the few new industries. This has created a massive underclass of people in deprived areas throughout Cymru dependent on meagre  benefits that ensures that they remain a downtrodden underclass with no hope of a better life, kept in their place as they are totally dependent on their meagre benefit handout to survive.

Talu bils tells the story of a man from a deprived slate quarrying community in Snowdonia, Northern Cymru who ventures out in search of a job, he initially goes to Llechwedd quarry, which is now a tourist attraction rather than the industry it used to be which employed thousands of men and roofed the world with slate. The community is small and everyone knows everyone so the dialogue goes on these lines.

Rods…Hello, my name is Rods, have you got a job for me.

Employer…Have you got a C.V.?

Rods…C.V. here.

Employer…Rods, this C.V. is crap, you have no work experience of any use to us, no, sorry, you'll have to go somewhere else to look for a job.

Rods…Well, Ive tried haven't I, tried to get a job with you - but its o.k., I get job seekers allowance. It pays the bills. ta ta…ta ta.

Chorus…Talu bils…talu bils….and so on.

2nd verse.

Rods…I then went to Portmeirion…to look for a job. Hello, have you got a job for me?

Employer…Have you got a CV Rods?

Rods, C.V. here.

Employer.   Rods Evans, this C.V. is not good enough; you have no work experience, you've had no training, cant give you a job sorry.

Rods…It's ok, I tried…Iget job seekers allowance…it pays the bills…ta ta…ta ta.


3rd verse.

Rods…I went to Greenacres…to get a job…hello, I'm Rods, got a job for me?

Employer…I know you Rods, you've been in trouble all your life, you've been to prison, you have no qualifications…at all!

Rods…It's O.k. Iget Job seeker's allowance…

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