Friday, 2 December 2016

All Democracy is Local : The Battle for Free Speech in Carmarthenshire - The Case of Jacqui Thompson

The Case of Blogger Jacqui Thompson who criticised. Carmarthenshire County Council Chief Executive Mark James and was subsequently taken to court on public funds with damages of 190,000 pounds being awarded against her should be known wider than Carmarthenshire  as it sends a chill about freedom of speech and criticism of petty authority.

 Because all real democracy is local.

In the video above Jacqui Thompson explains her plight and we at Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr  ask for the people of Wales to rally to her defense because any suppression of criticism in Carmarthenshire is the suppression of criticism in the whole of Wales where petty authoritarianism runs riot.

In these days of troubles we need voices like Jacqui Thompson's in  Wales

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr  supports Jacqui Thompson and calls on Wales to support her.


A blogger who lost a libel case with Carmarthenshire council's chief executive could be forced to sell her house to pay the legal costs.

Jacqui Thompson from Llanwrda faces a £190,000 bill after a failed libel action against Mark James.

He counter-sued for posts made on her blog and received £25,000 in damages.

On Friday, the council was granted a charging order which means Ms Thompson can be ordered to sell her home if she cannot pay her debt.

Ms Thompson was arrested in June 2011 after refusing to stop filming a council meeting for her blog, in which she was critical of the council.

She sued Mr James the following November, but he successfully counter-sued for posts made on her blog and received damages.
The High Court found Ms Thompson had run a campaign of "harassment, defamation and intimidation" against Mr James.

Carmarthenshire council covered Mr James' legal costs, a decision the Wales Audit Office found to be unlawful.

Speaking outside court, Ms Thompson said:

 "They could enforce the charging order at any time. They could do it tomorrow, they do it in 10 years' time."

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