Saturday, 22 October 2016

Citizen Leanne and the Plaid Cymru Conference : The October Emergent Welsh Socialist Republican Movement needed more than ever.

Leanne and Adam

Countdown to the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress on 29th 30th October 2016 the first small step in changing the nature of the Welsh Political Scene.

Watching Plaid Cymru today at its conference still rejecting the EU referendum results.

Its like groundhog day politics which Wales can no longer afford.

Adam Price waffling his way through a TV interview - if this is what an Harvard education brings we can do without it in Wales.

It is nothing but the deception and self deception of bourgeois politics

PS: groundhog day - a situation in which a series of unwelcome or tedious events appear to be recurring in exactly the same way:

Count down to Welsh Socialist Republican Congress : Listening to Leanne Wood at Plaid Cymru Conference - she says she wants a bottom up approach but lines up for the Grants - British or EU - top down hand outs.

Wales needs to create its own Public Banking System and stop the flow of Welsh money every day into big five British Banks - we do not need hand outs.

We need to husband our Welsh resources stop the flow of our resources to the London Government and its banks - it is within our bottom up power to do so - now we have left the EU.

Wales needs to take control of its Land and Water Resources with a Welsh Land Act and a Welsh Water Act to act as a Nation - rather selling our land and water to the highest foreign bidder.

Why does Plaid Cymru ignore the Welsh Land Question in 2016 which is also key to protecting the Welsh Language ?

Leanne Wood says she is a citizen of the world (not a proletarian inter - nationalist) - we agree she is petty bourgeois of the self deceptive kind rather than the deceptive kind.

Time to end self deception in Wales

A Welsh Banking Act
A Welsh Land Act
A Welsh Water Act

Toward an Independent Wales

Forward to Socialism

Long live the emergent Welsh Socialist Republican Congress in 2016


This citizen of the world bourgeois cosmopolitanism has nothing in common with socialism and internationalism if you study Marxism.

Already in the 19th century Marx poured scorn on this supra national outlook of certain would be very revolutionary representatives, French Proudonists and some socialists like Paul Lafargue who had sought to dismiss nationality as an antiquated prejudice and to concentrate on the social question to the exclusion of national issues.

Cosmopolitan Left and National Question by Nickglais

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