Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Tryweryn : The 1959 Pamphlet of Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru pamphlet about Tryweryn from 1959 - which mentions industrial use of water by Liverpool and not personal consumption the point made in October 19th 2015 by Lord Elystan Morgan on BBC TV Wales..

But Lord Elystan Morgan tells presenter Dr Wyn Thomas:

 “In the 10 years preceding [the flooding of the valley], the population of Liverpool had decreased somewhat.

“The water needs of the population in terms of drinking water decreased. But Liverpool was selling industrial water to 24 other authorities, making a lot of money – and it wanted to maximise that profit. 

That’s what Tryweryn was about.”

In was also in 1959 that Plaid Cymru made the fateful decision to abandon direct action on Tryweryn..

On 31 Jan 1959 Gwynfor Evans leads Plaid Cymru to reject direct action , a committee decision not of the Party.


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