Monday, 21 September 2015

Ireland :The Case of Liam Hannaway : Letter to Michael Gove Justice Minister from IRPSG

 Liam Hannaway

Rt. Honourable Michael Gove MP

Minister of Justice

102 Petty France


London. SW1-9AJ

Dear Mr Gove

This letter is to draw your attention to the situation in HMP Maghaberry, County Antrim.  I know you are aware that a Remand prisoner  is currently on hunger-strike for almost three weeks now. The prisoners' name is Liam Hannaway and although he has been fasting for this length of time he has not had a visit from the prison doctor. I understand any one on hunger-strike protest by law should be seen by a physician on a weekly basis.  This has not happened in this mans' case. Why is this?

I have also been made aware that Liam Hannaway needs treatment by a CPAP machine - used to treat his Respiratory Distress Syndrome - and Bronchopulmonary Dysplacia which can be life-threatening in many cases.

He is apparently being refused this treatment since going on hunger-strike. How can this be justified?

Liam Hannaway has been forced to draw attention to his medical neglect in Maghaberry Prison by undertaking this protest which has not been taken lightly. 

He has also requested to be moved from a prison wing which houses "Ulster Defence Association" prisoners and "Ulster Freedom Fighters"  (and others like drug dealers etc) for himself and a number of other prisoners on his wing. I believe he intends to continue on hunger-strike unless his demands are  met.

As someone who has dealt with prisoners issues over a number of years I respectfully suggest a way to resolve this matter is to have Liam Hannaway and those with him moved to a place of safety inside Maghaberry Prison - or even to another prison like HMP Magilligan in Co. Derry.

I believe this would bring Liam Hannaways' protest to an end immediately. Being held on a prison wing with those who are his sworn enemies is tantamount to attempted murder.  No one wants a death in custody again - there have been far too many of them in the past.

I hope you will consider what I have suggested Mr. Gove.


Yours sincerely

  ( Secretary )

IRPSG London.


  1. The case of Liam and many others needs review as does the entire justice system in the north of Ireland! Many of the internees and remanded prisoners are there merely because of their political affiliations which in the 21st century is wholly unfair and contrary to justice. This abhorrent practice needs reform root and branch

  2. What is the e mail for Michael Gove please?