Thursday, 1 May 2014

May Day Message to Wales from Gethin Ap Gruffydd



New: Wales Socialist Flag produced by Partisan Cymru,

* RED = Our peoples past struggles for Liberty and Justice.

* BLACK = Heavy Industry, Our Coal Miners and Iron Workers.

* GREEN = Agriculture Workers, Peasants and Land Laborers.

* GREY = Quarry men and Sailors.

Representing in and around all Workers, men and women down thru the ages, have made this flag now just waiting for opportunity to fly at first radical event of the year I can get too or otherwise will rise up on Mawr to symbolically signal a National Peoples Struggle to rid the Land of all Absentee Landlords be they aristocrats with their roots in our past conquest or modern day capitalist Utility companies seeking to make of our land a Corporate Colony Cymru by means of Cheque Book Conquest

In conclusion suffice to say that the betrayal by WAG political careerists aka 'Devolution Dilettantes' and in particular the total failure of the so called 'Nationalist Party' Plaid Cymru 'Renewable Republicans' also with other WAG Quislings, all Tan 8 Terrorists has opened the door not only to increased Cheque Book Conquest but to letting in UKIP an English Nationalist Party who by all signs may bring about a disaster for Plaid Cymru, National Struggle and the future of our Country, Communities and People. 

All to sadly many Plaid Cymru, so called 'Activists' are seeking in response to this the advance of an 'Independence Rally' via yet another meeting in a Cardiff Pub, what is this another pointless CBRD II? We say No Way! It is time all 'Radical Republicans' woke up and realise that true national struggle will not be born in pubs and neither will talk! talk! talk! advance the dying cause of Welsh Freedom only by Radical Resistance on the streets and on the mountains of Cymru/Wales will we win Independence and I remind there can be no true freedom with out Land and Liberty and justice. 

Thus let the call go out to those with the Courage and Commitment it is time for Fight not Flight - TARO NOL! the struggle I suggest is not in yet another pointless CBRD nor in a so called 'Independence Gathering' in another Cardiff Pub nor parading around at Cilmeri but must begin anew upon Mawr in Mis Awst 2014 and spread across the land and continue unto Victory and the first victories must be driving the 'Beaufort Bunch' off Mawr and 'Severn Trent' and 'United Utilities' out of the Vyrnwy Estate. Now prepare and organise to take up the Partisan call to action and rise up the Red Pitchfork of Revolt and Rebellion in spirit of the Gwerin Owain, Pobl Ceffyl Pren (Corn Rioters), Rebecca and Tarw Scotch also those who rose up in 1910 - 1911. Now do it and not talk about it, see you at 'Bryn Barcud Goch' and Penlle'r Pebyll (Mynydd Pysgodlyn) at Awst 2014 - our date with destiny to fulfill that
 'Dream of Freedom'.

Do please pass this email on.

Partisan Gethin.
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  1. Gethin, It certainly seems that you are all lip also soundbhoy. These people who march on Cilmeri have heart. What have you done of note when not behind you're pc?? Typing a blog from one of these pubs that host these meetings of shame talking about how best to sell Wales out for Liz's coin probably!! Incidentally, I agree with the vast majority of what you are saying however. Feel free to contact me on: FGNE!! Son of Siluria.