Friday, 11 April 2014

Open Letter to Rhun ab Iorwerth A.M.from Gethin Gruffydd

Pawb. Time we challenged Plaid Cymru which must be Europe's most 'Wimpish' Nationalist Party though that is not really the case, more like Cultural Nationalist Soft Left 'Renewable Republicans' of a 'Leanne Luvvie' kind. Some patriots actually wonder why she does not think and talk up 'Independence' as worth campaigning for but myself am more amazed that this lady as the audacity along with many in her party (not least some well known so called Rali Cilmeri Patriots too) to actually collaborate with the QUISLING WAG TAN 8 TRAITORS in the handing over of vast acres of rural Cymru, in main our precious Mountains to Venture Capitalist backed Wind Mill Companies aka 'Corporate Raiders' aka 'Windmill Masters' to with other New and Old 'Conquistadors seek to make our Wales, their CORPORATE COLONY CYMRU! Whatever, what you going to do about it, other than sleep thru the destruction and desecration of our Land Scape. Time 'Nats' woke up and spoke up and challenged the leadership of Plaid Cymru up front and in their faces, not least then working within Plaid Cymru to set up and advance an Anti - Turbine Terror Platform to campaign against PC Windmilling of Wales policies. Now do it, don't just think about it wise up and show some real NATIONALIST GUTS!

See my 'Open Letter', directed at  Rhun ab Iorwerth as he is PC spokes Person on Transport and thus should be concerned about the RWE TURBINE TRANSPORT ROAD ISSUE. Other than this prepare for some serious struggle for the Liberation of Mawr from the Windmill Masters and not least the Duke of Beaufort and his Somerset Trust. Time to campaign hard and fast also be prepared for the long haul!

                                         Gethin Gruffydd.

PS: Have been doing further reseach on the Penlle'r Pebyll (Mynydd Pysgodlyn) and it goes back into much earlier times than what I had heard of it's 16th Century Dissident Religious uses. The name is taken to mean, 'Summit of the Tents' does this imply that perhaps a medieval army had camped there? Whatever, possibly this is telling us that at this point in RWE Turbine Road Construction, the Corporate Raiders will be seizing the Mountain Road for their own use. Thus let us set up our own Tents and occupy Mynydd Pysgodlyn - Penlle'r Pebyll (Google up on Maps) for a Blockade, YES?

                                                OPEN LETTER.  
Annwyl Rhun ab Iorwerth A.M.
                                                  See enclosed inormation re our intended protests against RWE Road across the Seven Hills of Mawr and the intended Mynydd y Gwair Windfarm. Plaid Cymru to date has made no real attempt to thwart all this and the profits of Capitalist Corporate Economic Raiders ‘New Conquistadors’ and of an ‘Old Conquistador’ Duke of Somerset whose family put in place by Charles II has been ripping of Morgannwg and Gwent in many ways in rents on land use and properties not least in Abertawe for many Centuries passed.
For further Info. See Tarian Glyndwr and Yr Adfeddiant Mawr blogs.
                                                                 It is not too late for Plaid Cymru to show an active radical interest, particularly to the issue of the RWE Turbine Mountain Road Construction and Turbine Transport Public Road use from Swansea Docks and Chepstow, via Penlliw to the 'Bolgoed Quarry' Entry. Your PC councillors might wish to pay attention and become active here?
                                                                 I am bemused that your so concerned about a pretty minor modern day ‘Marcher Lord’ ripping of people of Ynys Mon but say nothing about an ‘Old Conquistador’ ripping us off big time for near five Centuries.

Same re Jill Evans so concerned about Palestinian land being ripped off by Israelis but dead quiet about present day Old and New Conquistadors taking our land.
If you call Plaid Cymru a Nationalist Party I consider that means you act as the National Defenders of Cymru and our Communities. As for WAG Policies and those who remained silent on TAN 8 Terrorism upon Cymru.

This is hardly much different from English Kings from 1282 Conquest to 1536 and beyond handing over our Land to their supporters for profit and privilege.
 Then there are the Crown Estates, all the Coast and now Retail Parks as in Abertawe, does anyone know how much land they possess and where it is? time some work was done exploring all this and then do something about it, big time and if not WAG then the modern day ‘People of the Pitchfork must! 

Then where does Plaid Cymru stand or maybe rather with us lay before RWE Lorries at the Bolgoed Quarry Entry to the Seven Hills.
Yn Fyddlon.
PS: What is going on re the Vyrnwy Estate?

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