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Toward a Welsh Socialist Republican Party reject Plaid Cymru's Great Deception

Toward a Welsh Socialist Republican Party reject Plaid Cymru's Great Deception

Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru, a woman from the Rhondda, is now primed to play the role that Neil Kinnock played before in Welsh Labour Party History. 

By winning the leadership of Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood is the new Kinnockio. That role is to deceive people into believing that Plaid Cymru is something which it is not.

Wales is in accelerated economic decline, being the second poorest country in Western Europe after Portugal. The fact is disguised by taking the United Kingdom as a whole, thus glossing over the dire situation in Wales. The per capita income in Wales compares unfavourably with Greece.

Wales urgently needs new political leadership.

The political and business establishment know they are in deep crisis and that widespread misery in Wales will lead to mass resistance sooner or later.

Leanne Wood taking the leadership of Plaid Cymru will spread and perpetuate the illusion that Plaid Cymru is or can become a vehicle for a progressive, socialist and republican movement, that Plaid Cymru can challenge the Westminster imposed austerities, take Wales out of the neo-imperialist wars in the middle east and elsewhere, and get rid of those imposters posing as the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Plaid Cymru cannot really do this, because it is at bottom the party that represents Welsh businessmen, and not the working people of Wales. Its call for an independent Wales inside the European Union only seeks to change one set of rulers from Westminster for another in Brussels, the pound for the Euro.

The essential link between national and class oppression was exposed in Ireland by James Connolly. In Wales, Gethin ap lestyn Gruffydd  is one of the few Welsh patriots that recognises that at root the national question in Wales is a class question.

Leanne Wood's leadership will deceive people for a while, but it is obvious that a new party is needed. One that can struggle for the working people of Wales in deeds and not just in words. 

Leanne Wood by winning the Plaid Cymru Election is helping to spread the illusion that Plaid Cymru is indeed the long awaited Welsh Socialist Republican Party that Wales needs.

But this is a lie that has to be nailed, Plaid Cymru is a petty bourgeois cultural nationalist party that will betray the working class just like the Labour, Liberal or Tory parties in Wales have done and many people already know that in their hearts.

Plaid Cymru will dissipate all the revolutionary energy that the new great unrest will create unless we bring forth a genuine Welsh Socialist Republican Party.

That is why we call for the convening of  a Welsh Socialist Republican Congress in June 2012 to charge    a working group to bring forth The Welsh Socialist Republican Party.

Forward to a Welsh Socialist Republican Party !

First Statement of the Great Unrest 2012 Organizing Group for A Welsh Socialist Republican Party


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